Significance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
12 Jul 2019

“SEO is like a resume. You polish it so you have your best foot forward.”


Is SEO insignificant?

Many people argue about the significance of SEO claiming that none of the search engines are designed with a simple architecture. They believe that search engines are able to parse through an infinite amount of data and return with relevant results. However, they forget one essential thing; a search engine can never grasp the true meaning that a particular picture, webpage or an article entails. This is the place where optimizing your content comes in handy. It provides the search engine with a reference about what the particular content is all about.


Importance of SEO


SEO is perhaps, the main tool that enables one to create a website that is user and search engine robots friendly.  Even though with the advancing of computer engineering, search engines have become more sophisticated and have gained the ability to process information more readily, yet, at this stage they still haven’t reached the zenith where they could grasp the meaning of a webpage in the same way as a human does.

SEO is the instrument which enables these search bots to grasp the true essence of a particular webpage. It should be noted that many websites remain invisible to the search engine unless they have been tailored to be search engine friendly by utilizing SEO.

We are going to list some of the common problems that all the search engines face once they are looking for relevant results. Every search engine bot has a limitation to how it operates and it cannot breach that, hence it is up to the web developer to help and orient the article to be optimized for search engines.


Limitations to Indexing – Websites limiting entry

Data that is behind login forms are generally hidden from search engines due to their technical inability to complete forms. Similarly, websites which are based on CMS architectures are prone to be neglected primarily because a duplicate of the original content is made which is omitted by the search bot.


Interpretation of Different Content

Non-text content or content rich in media format is also hard to understand by search engines since the content may carry a variety of meaning depending upon the author of the article.


Relevance to Queries – What people look for, what search engines look for

No matter what search engine the user is using, the search results will be based on traffic and relevance. Since the content in itself cannot provide the relevance that search engine bots look for, having complete knowledge about SEO and enforcing it perfectly becomes crucial if you want to attract a huge audience.


“Tree falls in the forest” – Invisible Websites

SEO isn’t basically about authoring content which is search engine-friendly instead it is also about promoting your content. Occasionally there are perfectly built websites which are not displayed in the topmost search results just because they didn’t implement SEO. The adage “tree falls in a forest” fits in perfectly here since those websites did not make a boom loud enough to attract customers and effective boom can only be made by utilizing SEO to its true potential.

With this viewpoint in mind, we hope you realize how relevant SEO is and how it affects the traffic of your website.

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