Twitter: SEO has helped us to get 10 times more visitors
12 December 2014

“The time spent building a solid foundation will pay for itself ten-fold.” (Darren Varndell)

The True Strength of SEO

For people who had doubts on the strength of SEO, there is a powerful example given by Twitter, The social media website recently released a press statement which emphasized on the power of SEO. Twitter revealed that Search Engine optimization has led them to gain a tenfold increase in their website visitors. If you fail to observe the positive impact of SEO, then chances are you are not utilizing this power to its full potential.

Twitter gains a 900 percent increase in visitors

On the occasion of Twitter Analyst Day, the Director of Product Management at Twitter, Trevor O’Brien issued a statement in which he said that Twitter has implemented changes in their website structure which enabled Search Engines like Bing and Google to better parse through their hashtag pages.

The changes that Twitter implemented in their website model by utilizing proper SEO techniques resulted in the web traffic flow increase of 900 percent. The number, if logged-out users increased from 7.5 million per month to a staggering 75 million per month (a plain tenfold increase).

SEO insignificant? Never

After following Twitter’s example, every website owner should ask themselves whether they are utilizing SEO to its true limit. The example shows how important it is to make your website search-engine friendly, even if you own a big website which holds a lot of popularity, there is still the need to get optimization on the search engine front.

Search Engine Optimization lets you gain a higher page rank in the Search Engine Result Page allowing better organic traffic inflow.

What Twitter Did

In case of Twitter, the social media website implemented minute changes to reap benefits.

Firstly, they ensured that the technical aspects of the website were correct. Small errors in the website architecture could result in heavy loss on the search engine front. They might make you lose your search engine page rank despite your page being more relevant than the others. Major errors on the other hand make search engines avoid your webpages altogether.

To ensure that all the technical aspects of your website are correct you need to do an audit of your website. For best results, utilize an audit tool which will list the changes you need to implement in order to gain a better standing in the Search Engine Results.

Secondly, you must ensure that your website is listed for the proper keywords. This is because even if your website has been indexed properly, Google will still neglect it if the relevant keywords aren’t present.

Implementing proper keywords is crucial to get organic traffic towards your website.

We hope that this article would provide you with a clearer insight on the significance of SEO and how many big websites are reaping its benefits.

“Search is the means through which we navigate the Web. If your business is not visible in search it is difficult for it to be found by your customers. Search, above all else, is marketing, and it is undergoing a massive change.”

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