Apple Maps Vs. Google Maps
10 Aug 2019

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Which Is Better


“The rise of Google, the rise of Facebook, the rise of Apple, I think are proof that there is a place for computer science as something that solves problems that people face every day.” (Eric Schmidt)


Apple Maps

When Apple first stepped in the field with its own mapping application to tackle Google Maps, the application was a disaster. The application had so many critical problems in navigation and software that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had to come up and apologize for the terrible errors in the application. The problems were so severe that Apple even recommended 3rd party applications to overcome the process. However since that day, the company has devoted their resources in perfecting the software and they are struggling and constantly updating their application. A report claims that Apple has started making daily updates to their application in order to provide their users with perfect navigation.

As picked up by many users of the application, the users are noticing that the company is now keeping a constant watch on the user based error reports that are sent through the Apple maps app. After further investigation, it was discovered that Apple pushes out updates to correct errors in their Maps app every single night at Midnight Pacific Standard Time.

First, the updates were just weekly, however now it is a regular thing. The updates start occurring every day. If the application is accessed at 11:59 PST, and then at 12:01 PST, then the maps app would reload itself and a number of POI corrections would be made and the update would suddenly be present. These regular updates feature many of the user suggested errors and a significant improvement is constantly being made in almost every area.


Google Maps

Google Maps, on the other hand took the world by storm, they changed the way navigation was done. Now, every site has opted templates and widgets to show their site address. The navigation process in Google Maps is quite flawless and there is no doubt that Google offers the best location services in the industry. The updates might not be regular but the precision is next to none.

However it sounds about right to say, that, Apple might have regretted their initial decision to oust Google Maps but at present they are struggling hard to keep their Maps app updated and give a competitive edge to the Search Giant.

It is not wrong to say that Apple still has a long way to go but with the pace that the company has opted, we are optimistic that they will stand as an alternative to Google Maps. Maybe even a better alternative.

“Anyone who has declared someone else to be an idiot, a bad apple, is annoyed when it turns out in the end that he isn't.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)


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