Mind boggling SEO predictions
15 Feb 2017

“Never optimize your site for the Search Engines.  Optimize for the “Best Reader Experience,” which, coincidentally, is the same bottom line goal of all Search Engines.” (Donna Merrill)

There are numerous blogs that you must have read regarding SEO predictions by now as the New Year has already begun.

Many of the SEO pros play a much safer game by repeating those trends which are already a bigger hit in the former year such that relevance of mobile will continue to boost in the following years as well. Nah! It’s not a big deal. You should jeopardize your repo by making some wild predictions.


2016’s top rated trends

In 2016, two enormous trends took the world into their grasp. These two trends are AI and machine learning. With these two trends jiggling in the market, the room for newer trends is pretty much small.


Wild SEO predictions

Below is a list of some wild predictions that will definitely be a greater chunk within this year i.e. 2017;


·         Shifts in rankings

With the update in the algorithms, you will witness greater shifts in the rankings of the search engines which have never been witnessed earlier any way.


·         No big thing happening

With RankBrain, people will not witness that such a change has happened as with other search engine algorithm updates the search patterns were disturbed which resulted in the significant drop in the search traffic within a night this led the web owner to identify the cause of such ridiculous traffic drop. While on the other hand, with RankBrain, day by day little traffic drop happens which is not much noticeable.


·         Snippets will win the race

Many of the web forums have started the formulization of snippets soon after they realized that Google has adopted the policy of snippets within their search listings. So, within the coming year, snippet rich websites will be taking a lead towards those which are devoid of them.

This is the reason why Dubai web solutions keep on counseling their clients to take notice of snippets and consider their usage within the websites as well.


·         No more page down results

One more analysis has been drawn from which this prediction has been predicted that Google will be deteriorated those links which have been allotted the Google listings of position 6 to 10. As, people are not interested in checking out these results which are listed down the page despite of being on the first page of Google ranking. Consequently, they receive next to zero organic traffic.

“As long as there is search, there will be SEO.” (Patrick Coombe)

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