Avoid Negative SEO inhibition and attacks
26 Apr 2017

“The best strategy to enhance your SEO rank is building trust-based relationships, with the influencers, on high ranking sites.  All that is really needed is your ability to deliver creative, value add, constructive comments on their Blog posts.” (Philip Verghese Ariel)

No one can resist negativity. As for sure, with success comes lot of haters. However, there are tactics to prevent pessimism against your website.

With the penguin update, many of the websites were penalized by Google as these websites had obtained links unethically and illegally therefore Google banned them and penalized them such that these websites couldn’t be found anymore on the internet.


Negative SEO

The legal and legitimate websites keep themselves at a distance from those websites which are under the summit of black hat SEO. These black hat websites have been penalized by Google for using unauthorized tactics to gain both customers and sales.

Negative SEO is a characteristic of these black hat websites which make use of such tactics which ultimately get the loyal ones penalized and thus blacklisted. Thus a competitor of yours, being envy with your work by using the formulization of negative SEO.


Negative SEO inhibition

Negative SEO inhibition is easier once you acknowledge the criteria over which search engine optimization works. Search engine optimization is based over a circle of search bots which have the ability to crawl between web pages. These search bots then get the purposed information from these webpages and include the information in the search engine’s result.

Knowing how Google and other search engine’s work is very much essential as it becomes the foundation for the relevance of your business.

Negative SEO cannot be inhibited at once. However, invigilating consistently the current status of your website will somehow reveal about the haters out them waiting for your website to get penalized.

Counterattacking them via taking action against such pessimistic sources can somehow protect your website.


Backlink checker tool

Backlink checker tool is one such tool that can identify the threat of negative SEO. With this tool you can see your rank in the Google’s search results and thus can correlate which websites are linking unauthorized backlinks to your website. In this way, you can keep thoroughly scrutinized about the spammers.

“If you want to make Google your slave then you have to stop thinking like an SEO and trying to game the system. Instead, I suggest keeping it simple: Create the best content on a given topic. Optimize it for your keywords. And promote it like a man possessed.”

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