Why your SEO campaign will fail
16 Feb 2017

”If you are spending a lot for link building, stop it now. Try to reach people and build a relationship, you will never worry about backlink again.”

When your SEO campaign fails it is really pretty disappointing as you have spent enormous amount of time in already searching for the existing SEO campaign such as the content, advertising tips etc. You even did working over social media strategies and email marketing but all you get was nothing.

A bitter reality is many SEO campaigns in the world of today fails for several known and unknown reasons despite of the fact that SEO campaign owner did his homework well enough.


What to do when SEO campaign fails?

Failure doesn’t mean that your world has ended and now there is no another way to stay alive and stay breathing! No! But failure means that you should repeat it again with extra effort, extra knowledge and extra experience.


Reasons behind SEO campaign’s failure

There are numerous reasons why a SEO campaign fails, two of the most important of them are listed below;


·         Investment

Investments matter a lot as the whole investment of your campaign will decide whether your campaign will fail or whether it will reach the success of the skies. Some people think working over the strategies all by themselves and investing a little amount can get them success but enough investment is required when you are willing to get marvelous results.


·         Objectives

Firstly, you should understand that your website cannot be #1 for every input keyword of yours. There would be a keyword or may be a couple of keywords for that your website can become number one.


·         Step by step approach

You should obey the strategy of step by step approach. All at once do not forge with too many keywords. Start with one keyword and with a single product. Optimize its association with full time and with approximate success.

If you see a successive path indulge with another keyword, keep your path straight, be simple and realistic.

“SEO is all about user experience and presentation. We often forget who is our eventual visitor, it’s not google, it’s your visitor, it’s your user, make him happy, Google will make you happy. Remember, SEO strategies come and go but this one is going to stay!” (Ali Raza)

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