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26 Apr 2017

“#SEO? Don't chase your tail. Google's clever. Build REAL relationships on #SocialMedia.” (Sam Hurley)

SEO has been much time consuming with the passage of time. However, with the advancement in the SEO technology and in SEO platforms, the organic research campaigns can be more easily focused thus saving both the essential resources i.e. time and energy.

Also, there are numerous queries regarding SEO platforms however the solution to these queries is also provided by the SEO vendors who closely studied SEO affairs.


SEO standards

The solutions only come when they are looked and searched for. One SEO solution would be the merging and linking of SEO platforms as per the technical standards which will definitely mollify the transaction of data between these interlinked platforms.



People have been hugely baffled regarding the essence of backlinks. Formerly, many authorities proposed fake propaganda regarding backlinks that they are no more crucial to the SEO industry. But this propaganda has been greatly renounced and Google still concentrate its attention regarding those backlinks which are affiliated with an authoritative background.


User Experience

Ranking rate is directly proportional to user experience. The better the user experience of your website the higher are the chances for your website to attain first page rankings. Better user experience is antonyms of higher bounce rate.

The higher the bounce rate the more notorious your image is as perceived by Google. To minimize the bounce rate you must focus deliberately over the improvement of your website’s overall working.


Longer and detailed content

One of the recent study conducted revealed that longer posts gain more first page rankings than shorter posts. This doesn’t mean you should be eradicating your shorter content posts.


Website speed

No matter your website has the most updated and unique content with smooth navigation however if the speed of your website is not comparable than definitely all your efforts are in vain. To Google speed is the utmost factor in determining the rank allotment.

“The best link building strategy is to create something awesome and let everyone know about it.”  (Tim)

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