How to grow your business from a SEO optimized website
26 Apr 2017

“Effective SEO runs by valuable content (content for readers) and natural backlinks.” (Saurabh Tiwari)

You can only have a successful digital business if you’re website is well visited with numerous visitors and that your bounce rate is pretty low or next to none. A buyer of today is well aware of internet hacks and his goals are to buy the best product in town with the lowest rates possible. This buyer will tend to buy your products only if its quality is marvelous, product reviews are positive and the price is deadly cheap.


SEO optimized website

A well transformed website will not be the choice of the buyer instead he will look for a more SEO optimized website. For making a well versed SEO optimized website you need to pay heed over your SEO growth.

SEO Dubai has therefore created forums of discussion for the growth of SEO both locally and globally.


Handle SEO with care

You need to take care of your SEO. If mismanagement takes place then you can say goodbye to the first spot in Google.

Look after the robot files which are a great hurdle to Google bots. If these are handled with care then definitely you give a free hand to Google to let their bots crawl within your website.

For Google bots to travel within the website, the website sitemap should be marvelous.


Landing page strategies

Landing page strategies should be done properly as these strategies directly lead the end users to your web page. These landing page strategies despite of the desktop size should be able to provide a customize experience to the end users.


Domain matters

Domain matters for local searches. If you are a local oriented business then you should be using domains like .co or .uk or .uae etc. however for a MNC business getting .com is essential but not deadly significant for your business.


“You have to be popular for real, in real life and this popularity has to be reflected online. Google can’t ignore you when people love you. They are responsible for the search quality. It’s not your job to build a website for Google. They have to find you.” (Tadeusz Szewczyk)

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