Google’s SEO trends and predictions for 2017
26 Apr 2017

“The future of SEO is quality content, timeroid technique, social media networking and relative sharing, which will help Google to better understand when and where to rank.” (Muhammad Ismail)

With the New Year ahead everywhere seems new resolutions and objectives to be the priority of focus. Similarly, within the SEO industry there some trends that will be taking the place of others whilst some of the relevant trends will stay by due to their extreme gravity within the SEO arena.


Relevant trends of SEO for 2017

Within 2017, some of the relevant trends will take a huge chunk of the pie as SEO industry is persistently revolutionizing and it’s pretty hard to say that it will stay motionless without revolutionizing for long.


·         HTTPS

HTTPS is that server which allows the transmission of data between the user and the current website. Google has notable announced its necessity within the search ranking hence it’s usage has become mandatory.


·         Long scrolling trend

Long scrolling including detailed content along with graphics is currently to stay within this year as this appeal to the visitors and is capable of grasping their interest. Thus, preventing bounce rate and augmenting the traffic in a direct manner.


·         Social media’s role

Certainly, the mingling and discovering activity on social media is reaching the summit and as per a note daily many of the brands are registered on multifarious social media platforms whilst many of the products and other services are hardly criticized on it, depicting its relevance in case of referral traffic.

Therefore, do not dare to avoid this attribute of SEO strategy.

Search engine optimization, within its local niche, is operating with multifarious social media platforms at a very huge scale.


·         Voice search usage and its augmentation

The use of voice search will perhaps increase exponentially thus availing the perks of technology and effortlessness.

“Don’t underestimate user experience. Remember that traffic is the aggregate sum of all the individual people visiting your site.” (David Schneider)

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