Shopping frustrations you can avoid in your eCommerce website
02 Mar 2017

“Yes, e-commerce is a strange situation for an old guy like me. You can buy a TV online, OK, but to buy a dress or shoes? Ugh. The customer has to go back to the store and breathe and smell and have a good time. Because shopping is a good time - like going to a nice restaurant.” (Max Azria)

The world has turned upside down and what formerly used to be surreal has now become reality. Purchasing stuff has become the easiest with the mercy of eCommerce yet still eCommerce is not everything that you need now there is a lot more within the range of your requirements.


eCommerce websites drawback

With the modernization of the tech world, eCommerce industry has been grooming hastily. The virtual world seems much fascinating but with this world along with it comes its complexities which are listed below.



There are a few complexities that made the eCommerce world quite restricted which are listed below;


·         Hand touch

Though from size to color, everything is defined particularly on the eCommerce Website, despite of it the hand touch is missing. I really had a bad experience on the eCommerce website, what they showed they didn’t deliver the same quality. If I had an option of buying it in reality than definitely I wouldn’t have bought it for sure.


·         Size issues

Sometimes it happens that the size measurements listed on the eCommerce website mismatches with your actual size. This led to size issues which cannot be fixed as most eCommerce websites do not obey the exchange and return policy.


·         Payments

A number of eCommerce websites are devoid of the COD system which is also known as the cash on delivery system. The COD system is very much user friendly and most of the e-users are reluctant to pay with any other means as when buying online.



The eCommerce websites should devise a new system where they can offer custom services to their e-users in such a manner where they can easily fix the aforementioned issues. These eCommerce websites should also adopt such policies which are more user-friendly thus letting the users to shop in a manner which is both free ended and restriction free.

“Guess what? The world changes. eBay has defined e-commerce.” (Meg Whitman)

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