Mobile app drivers of Ecommerce

Mobile app drivers of Ecommerce

“In e-commerce, your prices have to be better because the consumer has to take a leap of faith in your product.” (Ashton Kutcher)

The world is diversely occupied with mobile phones and frankly there are more mobile phones than human beings. India and UAE have great population of individuals and all of these have great access to variable playing markets. With this massive revolution caused by mobile phones, the Indian sellers and businessmen have developed applications as the major source for buying and selling inclusive of payments and delivery options.



But most of the business and mobile entrepreneurs might contradict to this very thinking of considering the only way of ecommerce as the app way since it does not seem much feasible. But Flipkart will be revealing a new app product by September 15 that will go against this belief. The company stated that this step of ours will revolutionize whole market of India from mobile first tactic to mobile only tactic. Flipkart has taken this decision because of the evidence that 75% of its ecommerce is managed via mobile sources.



According to a study, it has been found that approximately half of the ecommerce management in the form of orders which are being placed via mobile apps making them the greater platform of ecommerce. This service is expanding day by day and as a result of this instant service, customers stay for a longer while since they are pleased of the applauded services.



A number of managers and senior officers working for the SEO and Google Inc. throughout the world have compelled to prevent discarding the desktop feature as the urban population works undoubtedly via smartphones and for them mobile phones are the real drivers of Ecommerce but for the rural population the significance of desktop ecommerce cannot be diminished and via a study it has been found that the rural population making vital use of the ecommerce will augment to 210 million in the following 3 years. As, the rural population cannot afford smartphones having 3G and 4g features due to their extreme high wages offered.


Customer Choice

Customers should never be imposed and it is completely customers’ choice to choose which ever medium they like to work with either desktop version or app version via mobile phones.

“Leadership in telecommunications is also essential, since we are now in the age of e-commerce.” (Michael Oxley)

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