Podcast Optimization
26 Apr 2017


“SEO is all about creative link building by finding the sources where normal link building experts cannot reach.” (Kulwant Nagi)

Within Google’s search ratings, the optimization of podcast is a much peculiar and rare question. The real question is that is it ideal whether all the podcasts lie within one single frame or not?

One of the Google strategists explained that it is not vital for the life of podcasts for its search rankings to appear on one single page. There are other attributes which he explained should be used as an option instead of this one in case of search rankings.


Podcasts arrangement

Though the search rankings for all the podcasts can appear on a single page however it is not definitely vibrant for both the user experience as well as Google. What the Google strategist suggests is that each podcast should be vigilant on its own page this individuality will allow Google to comprehensively understand what the podcasts are about and so it will be easier for the search engines to classify them as per their characteristic keyword.


Podcast SEO

People are unaware of podcast SEO and following the trend that says that podcast naming should be unique, but it is difficult for those to find podcasts as per their unique names for those who are already unfamiliar with the podcast scheme. Therefore, to aid individuals in their journey of search it is essential to add some text.


Transcript usage

Some podcasters pay attention towards transcript writing as certain people out there do not necessarily are a fan of listening therefore these podcasters for added assistance provide transcripts which enable the readers to understand what the podcast is about and what are the related keywords.

The major benefit of the transcripts associated with a podcast is that these transcripts are available not only within the podcast library but elsewhere too.

SEO agency has its characteristic theme of involving podcasts along with related transcripts which has significantly augmented their ratings.

The potential seekers which are not looking for podcasts primarily, with these transcripts are directed towards the podcasts (as it contain the necessary information which they are seeking for) thus generating business for podcasters and circulating the podcasts in this way.

“The future of SEO is quality content, timeroid technique, social media networking and relative sharing, which will help Google to better understand when and where to rank.” (Muhammad Ismail)

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