SEO stratagem that one should definitely avoid
26 Apr 2017


“I get more spam than anyone I know.” (Bill Gates)

A better SEO strategy enables you to get enough relevant knowledge and to know and explore the world in a better fashion. Mostly SEO strategies aren’t neglected and a lot of them have enough empowerment due to which these are implemented on daily basis.


Different opinions

There are numerous opinions in the world depicting different views of individuals regarding SEO strategies, some believe as white hat SEO professionals are foolish while other believe that black hat SEO professionals are wasting their time in linking to spam websites.


·         SEO: a side course

Certain people believe that engineers working for Google have this mentality that they focus over relevant content rather than manipulative content concerned with manipulative SEO. Therefore, these people are reluctant to learn about the diversity of significant SEO.


·         Brand building

Our center of focus is on many other relevant things such as link building, content strategies, marketing, promotions and keywords of a website and therefore we neglect brand building which has also proven to be a success asset in terms of visibility, SERPs and ranking.

Many websites have gain immense success as these web owners have combined the SEO strategy with brand building strategy and the results attained are yet splendid.

SEO agency out there plays a unique role in making their customers’ website worthy by combining the essentials of brand and that of SEO.


·         Spam websites

The white hat SEO professional have been blindly trusting Google about the fact it has penalized completely and thoroughly the spam website and spam link authorities however this is not the case. There are still many spam websites working and attaining business by fooling other customers and websites and working behind the masquerade.


·         White hat SEO professionals

The black hat SEO professionals assume that their websites can only attain enough rankings in the eye of Google if they have mammoth amount of links which have been depicted from spam link authorities. These black hat professionals also assume that white hat professions are idiot and ridiculous of not using this ease as their views are without enough quantity of links their websites cannot gain enough business.

“The open web is full of spam, shady operators, and blatant falsehoods. Outside of a relatively small percentage of high quality sites, most of the web is chock full of popup ads and other interruptive come-ons. It's nearly impossible to find signal in that noise, and the web is in danger of being overrun by all that crap.” (John Battelle)

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