Most talked about trends of 2016
26 Apr 2017


“The trend is going in the right direction.” (Ted Smyth)

With the arrival of 2017; which is supposedly our new year, new trends seem to splurge all over which is definitely not a new thing. But in the former year i.e. 2016, there were some marvelous hits which cannot be overlooked and hence these trends will also be drag within the New Year as well. Analyzing the history of your web design’s evolution is kind of spellbinding that what strategies you pursued and what did you eradicate.


Most talked about trend

The most talked about trend of 2016 is definitely the web design chrome app which is a complete supplement of a web design option. This app enables the formation of prototypes and it also helps in sort of web designing functionalities which are a fragment of website.


A free web app

One of the web apps which is free to use and is also amongst one of the most talked about apps of the former year i.e. 2016 is Figma. This app is the biggest asset as it is purposely created to allow the function of sketching for any web design. This app is so easy peasy that within the former year I was seriously addicted to it along with Photoshop and Adobe.


Perks of Figma

Below are listed certain perks of Figma which makes it superior than many other web tools out there.

·         Live designing: One of the perks of Figma is that its design formation requires no sort of cloud syncing thus it is capable of designing online and this is why Figma is better than Adobe or any other web designing app.


·         Small adjustments: Another remarkable functionality of Figma is that it makes the app holder the boss i.e. for minute adjustments you don’t have to take a flight every time to your web designer you can simply make necessary amendments as per your needs and desires.


Due to these attributes, web design Dubai gives preference to Figma over any other web designing app.

“Trends, like horses, are easier to ride in the direction they are going.” 

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