Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
10 Aug 2019

“Sometimes you need to consider your human brother first.”

CSR stands for corporate social responsibility, which implies on all of us out there. Currently, to make the globe familiar with corporate organizations, these corporate organizations are aiming and performing a stage comprising the bases of social responsibility.


Global Responsibility

The globe today is under the turmoil of numerous issues concerning society, including poverty, gender inequality, feminism, racism, illiteracy etc. Each of us, both as an individual and part of corporate culture, are being held and accountable for the eradication of these filthy issues of the society. Concerning this criterion, SpiralClick has begun with a remarkable phenomenon that faithfully aims in the eradication of one of the deadliest issue, i.e. illiteracy.



Due to lack of resources and result of poverty, many children out there have become a victim of illiteracy. As children are the future of our world, therefore their education means a lot to us. Illiterate children only contribute towards the backwardness of our society rather than the growth of it. Therefore, along with SpiralClick many of the firms, understanding the urge of eradication of the issues mentioned above. And being responsible as a corporate individual are initiating with the corporate social responsibility campaign for catering the needs of the society and contributing the world as a whole.


SpiralClick's CSR Initiative "One Tablet per Child"


The ideal dream of SpiralClick has finally furnished. SpiralClick has strived hard through all these years to transform a surreal dream into a reality which now exists in the form of "One Tablet per Child" (#onetabletperchild). 

One Tablet per Child is not just a corporate social initiative but behind which lie motivation, genuine urge and plead for education and literacy. This innovative is emotionally attached to SpiralClick, not only because it's their foundation initiative serving the society but because it caters as an asset in the world of education and literacy.

Education is power, and this power will be given to all by means of One Tablet per Child. The agenda of this CSR program in pakistan proposes the eradication of class difference within Pakistan in collaboration with TCF. This corporate social responsibility program embarks upon the fact that while empowering, there shouldn't be any class or status segregation.

Within Pakistan, many of the unprivileged children are unable to acquire core education due to apoverty while the elite class and their children are acquiring modernized assets through modern tech and gadgets, whereas the unprivileged are devoid of the basics as well.

This initiative believes that no matter what education and technology are for all and no social issue can become an obstacle in the journey of any children inhibiting him from acquiring education and leading the world.


SpiralClick's Motive

The motive of SC is to remove the barriers surrounding education for the immune and unprivileged class. Annually providing 3 tablets to children targets at promoting IT, which is day by day gaining flight and augmentation. Therefore, in collaboration with a non-profit organization, the objective of SpiralClick is seemed to turn to reality.


The Citizens Foundation - A Non-Profit Organization

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) has become a comrade of SpiralClick. TCF is a non-profit organization solely working and striving hard for the betterment of mankind without gaining any perks except the one, i.e. bright future of our world. The motive of One Tablet per Child will start operating within Islamabad, Pakistan contributing to the feelings and emotions of goodwill and brotherhood.

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