You get what you pay for with SEO
04 April 2017

“SEO is long term game. It needs hard work, consistency, smartness, and most importantly patience.” (Robin Khokhar)

Normally, whatever we are paying, we get the service of product according to it. Whether if it’s a remarkable product then the price is also too filthy high and if the product is too lame definitely the price would also be according to it. Depending upon the quality you are being paid.

On the contrary, there are certain anomalies on the other side. For instance, sometimes you get a product which is overpriced and doesn’t complement its subsidiary quality whereas the other times the price is too reasonable for an excellent quality product or service.


SEO and its pay scale graph

In SEO, there are some different rules. As per these rules, there are no products in the SEO industry instead there are services for which you are being charged. But there are definitely certain oscillations to this already set rule.


Experienced and amateur

An experienced SEO professional would definitely charge more as per his years of experience and vision within this industry whereas an amateur would bluff about his journey and would lie countless times regarding the number of projects he would have come across. In running after an amateur who would make countless errors, your budget would be more or less equivalent to an experienced SEO professionals’ budget.


Customer care

Giving your contract to a highly charged SEO agency would definitely be your privilege as the SEO services provided would be more classic and more appropriate. Also, your online presence would be more genuine and it would definitely give a classic touch at the end of the day. There is always a difference between an upper class SEO agency and a lower class SEO agency.


A landmark piece

Not anyone can bring up a landmark piece. It takes struggle and strive of hours for a finished landmark piece to be created as it has not only quality content but there are associated numerous multimedia essentials which are thoroughly worked and pondered over and only a diligent SEO pro can perform this task.

“Write well thought out, thoroughly researched, and topic focused content, aimed at providing value to the audience you need. Further maximize user experience with well laid out content, relevant headings and images. Use an SEO plugin to help with the basics, a headline analyser, and a thesaurus to find synonyms to vary the main keywords.”(Sue Bride)

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