Quality Backlink Guidelines
18 Mar 2014

Write quality articles

Your main focus for "Quality Backlink" should be on the first word "Quality". No matter if you are submitting a Comment or a Guest Post, make the article relevant and interesting for the reader.

Replies (usually posted below the main article) to the author of the post occurs because the reader’s interest is high and have the desire to contribute. If your writing skills are low then you can hire a content writer or blogger.

Most importantly, never compromise on the quality!

Make it relevant

Google loves relevancy and its algorithm is designed on this principal. If you are posting an un-relevant comment that doesn't fit in the mood of the article or doesn't fit in the current discussion then chances of getting your comment disapproved or ignored are high.

Tip: Help others with the information you know. Don't leave any stone unturned – meaning that you should provide enough information so that the reader isn’t second-guessing. Be elaborative and put everything on the table. Be Socialized and be Prepared when you comment on someone's post.

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