Advantages of Using WordPress in Your Website Design
18 Mar 2014

The quickest way to get a site up and running is by using WordPress. WordPress is a free platform for blogs. WordPress is the most popular blogging open-source system in use on the Internet. WordPress is used by over 16.7% of the world's top 1 million websites and manages 22% of all new websites. We would like to shed some light on using the WordPress platform and its benefits when building a website.


Flexible platform:

WordPress is a powerful and flexible platform that will help you build your new sites using a CMS (content management system). There are many advantages to using the WordPress platform, such as quick installation, self-updating, open-source platform, endless website themes, and many plugins.

Quick and easy to install:

If a company is running the control panel cPanelX webmaster after getting the "Fantastico De Luxe" plugin, you will be directed to a page that will show you many applications related to your website. You will need to follow some simple instructions to get your link and install the application on your WordPress website. You may be asked for some general information before the end of the installation.


The recent WordPress versions have obtained various special functions to help you choose your desired WordPress plugins for the operating system upgrade or other related updates. You will be informed immediately if there are any updates available for you. You will only need to click on the links to automatically install the updates you want.

Open-source application:

Since WordPress is built using PHP, anyone using the application can display the source code. It also allows programmers to work in the codex to get their required functions and operations. The application also features full documentation that will help with any PHP development, themes, and plugin questions.

Website themes:

Many people prefer to use custom WordPress themes. There are over 1000 free and paid WordPress themes available today, which can be loaded directly to your website. This allows you to change the look of your domain name, download anything to your domain and change the feel of your website.

Custom built WordPress features:

If you want a specific feature to make your website, then you can hire a web developer to develop the customized WordPress plugin. There are tons of WordPress plugins available in the database, which can also be modified by a professional developer.

SpiralClick team has access to WordPress's exceptional database of 18,000 plugins, widgets, and themed templates so that your website won't look like 'another WordPress website.' We know the secrets to creating a unique and feature-filled website for you. And best of all, after some CMS training, we will 'hand you the keys,' allowing you to manage your powerful WordPress platform by yourself.

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