5 Benefits of Social Networking for Small Businesses
18 Mar 2014

Facebook has over the 1 billion active users (since September 2012), actively engaged in daily communication with their preferred brands. Managing a Facebook fan page for your brand or product is mandatory on the market right now.

If you own a small business, you've probably heard of the many benefits of social networks, but it is also likely that you're still not convinced of the importance of publishing on social networks. This is because most businesses do not use social networks to the full potential and as a result, missing the opportunity of exposing their business to a wider audience.

The following five reasons are simple yet valuable and will help convince you of the importance using social networks.

1. The market is already using social networks

A quarter of the time people spend on the Internet, they are engaged with social networking. This is a surprising amount of time and is now the number one online activity. Men and women of all ages and income levels are using social networks for information, entertainment and following their favorite brands to gain awareness. No matter what your business does, the general public is increasingly using sites like Twitter and Facebook to find what they are looking for.

2. To increase your visibility on social networks

Social networks are an excellent way to connect with your target market. You can use social network resources such as Twitter or Linkedin groups, to find your ideal client and participate in conversations. In addition, social networks allow you to distribute your publications to a wider audience and gain exposure by syndicating content to multiple channels. Thus, a wider audience can share/ contribute to your content sending more traffic to your website and hopefully increased sales opportunities.

3. Social networks give you a competitive advantage

Proper use of social networks gives you the possibility to listen to your target audience, find out their needs and offer a solution. Free tools such as Social Mention, Tweetdeck or Hootsuite help you discover what people are saying about your brand. Tools such as Addict-o-matic or Google Alerts allow you to monitor your keywords to find the segment conversations around your brand and even your competitors. Listen carefully to your customers and delivering solutions on time is the best way to build your brand advocates who will help to spread the word and may provide valuable testimonies about what your company has to offer.

4. Social networks will provide value

Social networking has become a channel to provide information to your customers by publishing interesting and informative blogs, tweets and posts. With appropriate content and the ability to offer solutions. Your social network pages will become a trusted resource for people and before you know it, you'll have dedicated super fans. In addition, if your publications have interesting and valuable content then you have the power to transform potential customers into loyal customers who will share your articles with family and friends through their social networks.

5. Social networks humanize your company

People like to buy from other people. Although traditionally organizations identified through logos and symbols, social networks offer a chance to do more. Jason Falls offered excellent advice in 13 Essential Social Media Lessons for B2B Marketers from the Masters. He says: "... The buyer still wants to buy from someone you trust, not a logo or a company. If more humans do business, putting a name and face, this relationship will go a long way."

Social networking is a wonderful tool that can facilitate your business growth, enhance the reputation of your brand and support your current marketing systems, giving you the opportunity to be as attractive and valuable to your target market. People naturally want to follow stay updated of all you can offer. Social networking is a valuable tool that no one should ignore. Social networking is the future of marketing and provides the chance to leverage all the benefits that you can offer. Your small business is in your hands.

If you are already using social media in your business, please Share with us some of the benefits you've experienced so far and let us know your opinions. SpiralClick is experienced in creating relevant, targeted social platform campaigns for our clients, with high conversion rates. In order to help our clients stand apart and above their competitors, we provide digital marketing services that support the core of your online presence—your website. We work together with our clients in developing a long-term online strategy and marketing plan.

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