SEO and B2B marketing
10 October 2014

SEO and B2B marketing

“Real search is about providing valuable information when it’s really needed to those who are actually looking for it.” (David Amerland)

The hectic task for the B2B buyers is the transformation of the marketing strategies into plans which are more advanced and contemporary. The weak strategies are pretty much susceptible to survive because of the augmented expectations of the customer due to the viral outbreak of communication through Social Media.


A close affiliation

SEO and B2B marketers have a kinship bond of that of siblings. All the successful marketers in addition to B2B marketers, in the present day, necessarily know the use of SEO keywords for the pavements of success in the globe of marketing. B2B marketers have a primal concern of colossal revenue and ROI in terms of greater traffic. Due to the efficient use of SEO strategies, the B2B marketers are able to achieve the golden coin.


B2B marketing challenges

A B2B marketer has necessary goals. And the consummation of these goals is very much significant. Generation of leads, connection of leads and sales, specification of the product message, furnished growth of return on investment (ROI) and retaining the customers are the basic challenges of a B2B marketer. With the strategies of SEM and SEO, the relevant progress in a business can be acclaimed.

“As marketers we should change the mantra from always be closing to always be helping.”


Quality score

The ratings made by the search engines to calculate the relevance of your content regarding the wants and needs of the consumer is termed as ‘Quality score’. A greater quality score is directly proportional to solutions which are ‘out of the box’ indeed. Understanding the needs and requirements of the customers, producing relevant subject regarding it, segregating the target audience from the public audience and their satisfaction will eventually bolster in escalating the quality score.



SEM stands for Social engine marketing. SEO and B2B marketing, in turn are synchronized with the efficiency of SEM. SEM escalates the visibility of websites in the search engines. The largest search engine marketing vendors are Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Baidu. SEM includes the process of paid inclusion via PPC (pay per click). SEM, according to statistics of the former year, has grown eminently as compared to the traditional method.


The visibility of websites can be enhanced via the efficient use of SEM i.e. Search engine marketing. B2B marketers have cohesively merged the concepts of SEO and SEM, to deal with the expectations of the consumers.  The diligent use of these plans has rendered amiable solutions to the B2B marketers in the prospect of ROI and business.

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.” (Dan Zarella)

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