Significance of Keyword oriented research
04 April 2017

“Without free speech no search for truth is possible... no discovery of truth is useful.” (Charles Bradlaugh)

Keyword planning is the most urgent thing that one does while amending their former SEO assignment or rather creating a new one. Keyword planning in the search industry is as significant as a skeleton within the body i.e. providing support to the overall structure, skeletal framework and a link to many other outsourced search related strategies. But now keyword oriented research has been modified many times due to which after some years it will lose its relevance completely.

Goals of keyword oriented research

Keyword oriented research aimed simply at targeting your business towards your website by means of using business specified keywords that are likely to generate some business thereby allotting you a position which is higher in search rankings. These keywords also provide with less competition as all the businesses of the same type do not necessarily work over one common keyword.

Tracking of keywords

Tracking the keywords will eventually reveal the status of your ranking thus it is considered as one of the most outstanding practices for tracking the success and ranking of any business.

Hummingbird and its origin

With the launch of Hummingbird, dates back to 2013, a renaissance was witnessed within the search industry as this Google update completely revolutionized the search patterns. This revolution flipped the keyword oriented research with semantic search system.

Semantic search

Within semantic search, instead of focusing over particular set of keywords listed by the user, Google emphasizes behind the user’s intent of query and then ultimately produce some effing results for the user.

Overall, it doesn’t elucidate much change however it completely transformed the way search engines depicted search queries.

SEO company are therefore educating its customers about semantic search.

Long word phrases

As a result of 2013 algorithm update i.e. Hummingbird, long word keyword phrases have also become much popular. These phrases are of keen interest to marketers as a unique phrases can get you better rankings.

“Increasingly, consumers don't search for products and services. Rather, services come to their attention via social media.” (Erik Qualman)

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