SEO tips that will rock your world
03 March 2017

“A business needs a character and an identity, just like a person and just like a person it needs to have a Voice.” (David Amerland)

With the New Year ahead you might be planning over transforming your SEO strategy but you are already too busy to probe into the current ray of trends as the lot of clients is already at your doorstep.


SEO tips

Below is a list of SEO tips that will definitely blow your client’s minds. And these SEO tips such that you will not need to customize for every other client out there.


1.       URLs

Make sure your website’s URLs are devoid of ‘#’ as the Google bots overlook those URLs who are assisted with the hash symbol.


2.       Mobile friendly website

The mobile trend is insanely rocking over. For Google bots to be lenient regarding the ranking of your website make sure you have pre-tested your website via Google Search Console’s Fetch and Render tool in order to retain the quality and high ranking of your website.


3.       Backlinks

Earn valid backlinks. Google do not recognize those backlinks which are earned via the source of charities.


4.       Video

Video is miraculously amongst the favorites of Google. Videos enable your website to be noticed and thus give you an advantage over other websites. A video which is most shared among social media platforms will bolster you much in your journey of achieving better ranks.


5.       Location

For more specific and refine search using the location options. This will enable the customers to reach you easily and their on-shop comments regarding your brick and mortar store will also be a helping hand regarding the furtherance of your brand.


6.       AMP

If you do not have a mobile friendly website or your brand is devoid of mobile websites, then do not forget to use Google’s AMP. This tool will push your AMP pages in the Google’s mobile first index.


7.       Relevance and White hat

Never run for the quantity of links. To Google, quality matters rather than quantity. Keep your brand relevant and white hat because manipulated and counterfeit content is strictly prohibited when you are dealing with Google.

“The time spent building a solid foundation will pay for itself ten-fold.” (Darren Varndell)

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