Setting up a winning SEO strategy
26 Apr 2017

“The best strategy to enhance your SEO rank is building trust-based relationships, with the influencers, on high ranking sites.  All that is really needed is your ability to deliver creative, value add, constructive comments on their Blog posts.”(Philip Verghese 'Ariel’)

All the entrepreneurs out there are well aware of the fact that SEO is the only reliable source which is able to potentially give their businesses a success nudge. With the help of search engine’s ratings, there conversions are increased at the end along with these entrepreneurs are capable of driving more traffic as well. Dealing with SEO is not the core of getting a win win situation in fact you need to build a win win SEO strategy in order to attain that win win spot.


How to develop a win win SEO strategy?

Below is a list of steps that will bolster you in developing a win win SEO strategy.


·         Page optimization

Select any page of product for optimization or for promotion. Since, search engine marketing can be very costly at times especially within local niches.

Whilst starting with the page optimization, select the most competitive pages or products but make sure that your budget permits you two. Select that page for optimization which ranks better if your budget allows you to opt for one.


·         Competition

Once you have mapped which pages or products are your target for optimization then look for your competition that what are there on page and off page tactics.

Use keywords smartly. If you are unable to get remarkable traffic driving results then there is some lack of focus during the selection of keywords.


·         Analysis

After paying attention towards keyword selection, begin the analysis with your own website that why your website is still getting the lowest possible ranks. Analyze that whether your competitors have:


1.       Latent Semanting Indexing

2.       What are their main keywords? What is the frequency of the keywords used?

3.       What is the keyword type i.e. whether they keywords are used within the title tags, meta-tags or in URLs?

4.       Social bottoms and comment section is affiliated with their web pages or not?

5.       Mobile optimization and AMP has been worked upon or not?



A well-developed SEO strategy will definitely get you mammoth lead amongst your targeted niche as it has enclosed all the relevant attributes that were significant for the success of your website.

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“If you are spending a lot for link building, stop it now. Try to reach people and build a relationship, you will never worry about backlink again.” (Tuhin Adhikary)

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