How the SEO industry could be improved
26 Apr 2017

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” (Wendy Piersall)

SEO industry should miraculously do wonders if however certain levels of technical standards are developed and maintained. These standards will enable the SEO websites to reshape themselves as per the SEO technical standards thereby gaining much profit, sales and appreciation from the clients.


History data transfer

One of my friends got stuck over an account which already had her data. Now she was frustrated over the account due to its inappropriate working thence she quit using the account but still she was reluctant of erasing the account as it contained her historical data. Due to the limitation of technical standards within the SEO industry, every software differs from the other resulting in no shifting of data thus no data could be transferred from one SEO software to another.

On the other hand, there are only quite few softwares where export of data can be done but this export also requires huge customization to the data before the transfer of data.


Issues to develop technical standards

Technical standards develop when the companies sit together and decide over a particular issue. These companies after experimentation and deduction then formulate a standard which is then implemented over which the users vote as per their wallets.

But the hindrance lies within the fact that Google provides no appropriate measure of identifying a spam website. This lead websites to deduce their own softwares for the identification of spam websites and making isolated platforms for their identification. And one website do not accept the criterion of other website’s identification of spam websites thus leading to a pretty chaotic situation. This is the biggest hindrance in the development of technical standards and further growth of SEO industry.


SEO industry

Google, as being the biggest representative of SEO industry should formulate a universal platform where the criterion of identifying a particular website should be illustrated completely and every software should abide by the laws as described within the universal platform. This is the reason why SEO agency Dubai contemplates over reshaping of certain strategies and laws.

“What we learn from behavior economics is that the moment a metric is created it generates an incentive for people to pursue it.” (David Amerland)

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