Taking your SEO marketing campaign to the next level
18 May 2016

“Trying to increase sales simply by drivingmore traffic to awebsite with a poorcustomer conversionrate is like trying tokeep a leaky bucket fullby adding more waterinstead of plugging theholes.”‖(BryanEisenberg)

Working for SEO or search engine optimization on a daily basis sometimes gets really hectic. However, when you want to portray the best but have limited time then definitely you surmise of eradicating something which is accessory.


Getting ready

For things to go pretty smooth between you and your client you should make sure that you have all the things ready prior to the inception of the allotted SEO project to you. Once you are ready with all the materials that you will be needing from your client, then nobody can stop you from developing a marvelous SEO design. Also, provide a little knowledge to the customer you are dealing with about SEO that why you will be needing these products from him in a restricted span of time.


Timeline budget

Do not go for any reasonable timeline budget as reasonable timeline leads to reasonable quality of project. Make sure that you’re taking as much time as possible to complete the SEO project which is definitely free of all types of errors. An error free SEO is definitely the next level SEO. Never ever negotiate over smaller timeline budget no matter even if the customer is happy and don’t think of competition while completing your project, simply focus over your project and your customer requirements.


Brief explanation

It is very necessary to explain the SEO scenarios to the involved employees affiliated with the working of the SEO project, as they might nod in the beginning listening to certain details but when they did things which were just not parallel to your expectations then it’s definitely your fault as you haven’t given them brief explanation in the beginning and yelling now is no more an option but a chaos condition.

To avoid future blunders, it is essential to give brief explanation in the beginning of whatever you are expecting.



Your attitude matters. Always adopt a learning attitude instead of adopting an attitude which reflects that you know everything and there is nothing that you do not know. NO, this attitude will let you pay definitely in the future.

“Does an affiliate marketing program cause a traffic drop? No, but pureaffiliate sites areunlikely to rank.” (LuisellaMazza)

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