The Most Common Web Design Mistakes
04 April 2014

‘Change management’ can be defined as ‘an organized, and or a systematic application of the gained knowledge, the given tools, and the given resources of change that have the potential to provide organizations in identifying the key process that can be put to implementation in order to successfully achieve the organization’s business strategy’. Under the broad term of change Management, falls the ‘Organizational Change’, which is crucial for the development and an improved productivity of any organization.

A more precise definition of the Organizational Change may vary from a company to company, but generally it can be put as a the process in which an organization’s direction, capabilities and structure to cater the changing needs of both internal and external customers is continuously renewed. One big, big problem in the trade is the fact that the customer preferences change over time, as better and more advanced versions of websites come about. The most popular websites gain popularity with the aid of user friendliness. Focus groups that we have used in our research have led us to a few features that must, under all circumstances be in a website else it is a failure.

A website that does not load fast, is the most un-appealing thing that there is on the internet, nobody has the time or the patience to wait for 10 seconds for your website to load, no matter how good it maybe. Even if you have the best design, features and content, you will be a complete failure with your website if it is taking up to much of time in loading.

The very foundation of organizational learning is being discussed quite a lot lately, and this focus that has developed currently is subjected to considerable attention. Organization theory, economic history, industrial economics, and business management as well as business innovation are all studies that approach to answer the organizational learning. Learning from the mistakes of your opponent’s, is the wisest thing in the trade and proves to be handy.        

The decline of some well-established firms has sent an alarm to all the others, and has been the reason of the sudden development in organization learning, many firms look forward to this learning that they had earlier ignored out of dread of a decline. Organizations are convinced of the advantages of having an improved learning system implemented within their operations and the entire organization.

A web design must be in accordance to your needs, do not copy an opponent’s website for it will both be a cliché and may not be the smartest thing to do. Your consumer preferences and business needs may differ, and therefore the consumers may not like the change. Be more centered around the consumer, and your employees who will be operating the website, rather what seems to be the most attractive option to you, web designing is more than skin deep.           

We can define adaptive learning as an organization’s improvement towards its capacity or the processes that take place every day in the organization, or their maintained performance driven out of experience. Organizational Learning is distinct from personal learning because the system of this learning stays with the organization even if the work force changes. We assume that organizations continuously learn as they operate and produce, where as they gain experience they also gain a better understanding and this is why adaptive learning is so important. And on the basis of these lessons we may be able to gain more and more.

There are hundreds of troubles involved in web designing, one of them is when you lose sight of your immediate goal and forget that the sole purpose and conduct of the business should be the end user and no one else. Bear in mind, businesses with customer as their sole concern, last longer and are the most responsive to changes, avoiding losses as trends change and staying in the competitive market. You cannot always please all those who visit the website, some will never accept your design to be remarkable, do not be heart-broken, for your website is mean to serve a purpose and if you have designed it as well as it gets for that very purpose you have done an excellent job.

Getting inspiration from other designers is not something you should be ashamed of, if it brings you shame you are not on the right track and are headed towards one of the biggest problems of web designing. Viewing other’s work, unlocks to you possibilities that otherwise would have not made much sense to you, you can learn new uses and more innovative uses of a feature that you had otherwise been using a conventional method. Copyright is an issue that cannot be over looked in web designing, you can never be too careful.

SpiralClick uses designs as inspirations and never foundation for their marvels and this is what makes us a great firm to work with and to get into a business relationship with. Avoiding all the many obstacles and pitfalls that this field comes with almost next to impossible, but we learn from our falls and have always been able to deliver what so ever is that we have promised.

If there are fifty problems, there are a hundred and fifty solutions, you just need to try, try and try once again. We are more than glad to be able to inspire all those young web designers out there.