Tips to write SEO content
12 December 2015

“Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.”(Ann Handley)

SEO has the power of revolutionizing this world. With the great content within your website, your website is more likely to attain better ranking than ever before. As content is much beneficial for the companies and website, many general staff members become the all time favorite content writers without proper professional training which is definitely pretty much jeopardizing.


Tricks and tips

Follow the following tricks and tips to have better rankings and for changing the route of success and choosing a better yet shortcut to success;


Google’s negotiations

Keyword stuffing is one of the most hectic tasks for each and every copywriter. The big good news for the copy writers is that Google’s search bots to not focus over grammar and grammatical errors. Perhaps, if you want to stuff one of the keywords in to your sentence and you are damn sure the sentence that inserting the particular keyword will discard your sentence since it will not be grammatically correct. The simple solution is to add the relevant keyword followed by some punctuation mark. In this manner, both the search bots and the reading customer will be happy go lucky in one remedy.



No matter if you’re a professional writer or someone who fell into this content writing field by destiny, one think you should be sure about, you can improve your writing skills with time. Don’t just stop writing, keep on writing and you will see a steady improvement after every article.

“It’s not all about content. It’s all about stories. It’s not all about stories. It’s all about great stories.” (Mitch Joel)

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