How To Use 301 Redirects To Boost Organic Traffic?
08 Jun 2021

301 redirect as part of search engine optimization (SEO) has long been practiced. It might sound simple, but understanding it takes some time and effort. You must understand where it should be used and where to avoid it. When we look at the list of reasons, it is strong enough to drive us to learn the 301 redirects for a better SEO. Some of these reasons are enlisted here:

  • You are changing your domain name

  • You want to delete a page

  • You have found a broken link

  • You have moved your page to a new location

Apart from these reasons, the 301 redirects can also be used to boost your organic traffic. Are you interested to know how? Keep reading this article!

Top Two 301 Redirect Techniques To Boost Your Organic Traffic:

The strategies coming down the line are serious, and you need to pay due attention. If put right, these techniques can generate extravagant results for your web pages. These methods are not easy without expert services. Get in touch with a professional SEO services company in Dubai to get these tasks done.

Let us go through the techniques without any further ado!

1. The Cocktail Technique:

The term may be new to most of you, but it is worth knowing. Suppose you have two web pages; both are operating well. Both have a healthy page authority, and enough traffic to keep the circle rolling. They have a few strong backlinks as well. Have you ever thought of consolidating these two pages to make something even better? Probably not!

Once you have decided to merge these average-performing pages, you will get a delicious cocktail of a page that can drive more organic traffic. The action falls under the technical SEO category and should be done with great care.

Why consolidate these pages?

The question "why should I do it" might cross your head as it should. Here are the reasons why you should go for it.

  • Consolidation of authority: You always seek ways to enhance the authority of your web pages. The cocktail method is an aid to this cause. By merging the two web pages, you are consolidating their authorities too. The pages should be related in this case since Google will not acknowledge it if they are not. Don't let the search engine treat it as a soft 404. Make sure your merging pages are related, and the resulting page will have a stronger authority.

  • Improved web content: Your web pages might be operating with strong but a little outdated content. Take the best of these two pages' content and merge them into one to create a better piece. The resulting content would be strong enough to attract more organic traffic.

Essential steps to follow:

Following are the steps you must follow to do the consolidation right. Let us go through it quickly!

  • Find keyword cannibalization: Finding the issue of keyword cannibalization could be a great opportunity. When two or more pages target and rank for the same keyword, it is better to consolidate them.

  • Find relevant opportunities: The next step is looking out for potential redirection opportunities. The two pages you will merge must have something in common to be merged and redirected to a potential location.

  • Rewrite and merge the pages: Finally, it's time to take the best of these two or three pages and merge them. It would be best to rewrite fresh and quality content for the newly created page.

Bonus tip: The rewriting and merging could be a great opportunity to serve searcher intents. Look out for the trending keywords and write the content accordingly. Ultimately, you will end up getting more traffic.

  • Publish the revamped page and implement the 301 redirects: It's time to post the newly created page. If the old URL is good enough, go with that. If not, you can choose a new URL for the new post/page.

2. The Merger Method:

Another method you can use to boost your organic traffic is the merger method. The process entails buying an old website and redirecting its page(s) to your website. The business or website you are about to buy must be industry-related. The 301 redirects can also generate extravagant results for you in the merger method. Following are the steps on how to do it.

  • Re-home/redirect content: By re-homing or redirecting, you can get the biggest number of visitors (organic traffic). The process is much easier when you have an expert SEO company on your side.

  • Delete and redirect to a new page: If the new page(s) have lower traffic or the content therein has already been covered, you can delete it and redirect it to a different page.

  • Delete and redirect to your homepage: If the pages are not aligning to any of your pages, the last resort is to redirect them to your homepage.

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