How to Create Great and Unique Content for Users and SEO?‎
21 Oct 2020

People stay busy with internet surfing to get their desired information. It is the first and foremost important reason for publishing content on the website. So, content is the king as it helps the website owners to reach their targeted audience. Not only this, you can improve website rankings in popular search engines like Google using SEO-friendly content.

Owing to this, content marketing has become an inundating activity. According to a tech jury, more than 4.4 million articles were published on the internet every day during the year 2019. So, what makes great content for your website? Blogs, info-graphs, guides, and review articles?

At this point, people get confused about whether they have to curate content to meet users' intent or comply with crawling systems' requirements. The best resolution to this confusion is that you can write content to target both audiences and crawlers. How? Read this post to get all your answers!

What is Top-quality Content?

Before moving to discuss the tips, it is essential to understand what makes the content great. There is no denying that top quality content is the one having the following characteristics:

  • Easy to comprehend for the targeted audience

  • User-friendly writing style and formatting

  • Solution-oriented approach for information provision

  • Help the readers get answers to their questions

  • Explicitly targeted to a pre-defined audience

  • Logical concept and original idea and thoughts

  • Contains Call to Action (CTAs) for persuasiveness

  • Search-based knowledge presentation

  • Easy to understandable content structure with headings

  • Active sentences for direct communication and relevancy

  • Meeting the guidelines of web accessibility for improved readability

4 Tips for Creating Compelling Content for Users and Search Engines

Nevertheless, high-quality content increases user engagement as visitors come back for seeking information. However, the concept of good quality content is vague because no one can exactly tell you what triggers traffic organically.

However, you need to publish content for humans while keeping an underlined objective of surpassing search engine crawlers. Let's consider essential tips on how to do this like a pro!

1. Perform research and development (R&D)

To begin with, the selection of the topic is a crucial task for curating unique content. It is because the content revolves around the topic. Therefore, you have to conduct proper research for developing a concept thoroughly to ensure easy-to-understand yet solution-driven information.

In this regard, it is imperative to understand that the content topic is closely related to selecting keywords. It is because the content is usually written for meeting the criterion of search engine optimization.

If you are not familiar with all this, you can acquire experience SEO services company in Dubai to get everything done, including a foolproof optimization strategy, content creation, and backlinking. It will ease your work with industry-driven expertise!

2. Perform a competitor analysis

Once you have selected a topic, you should perform a detailed analysis of the competitor's content on the same topic. It will help you define the scope of your blog article or guest post. The best way is to consider the websites that are ranking high based on the same topic. Don't forget to figure out your competitors for getting a better idea to make your content unique and comprehensive.

You can expand the analysis by searching on similar topics for understanding the user searched queries. For this, you need to explore "People also ask" and dive into the sea of information. Don't forget to use content audit tools to ensure top-quality content.

Once done with it, you should develop the least answers queries to attract the audience significantly. Don't ever produce thin content by sticking to only one source of information without proper research.

3. Structure the article with a proper outline

Hopefully, you have got an idea to define the scope of your article from the competitor analysis. Now, it is time for structural curation of the content. It merely means that you need to work on the outline and other criteria for the content.

It generally includes the structuring, such as introduction, main body, and conclusion. Besides this, you need to consider defining proper heading and subheading. In this regard, heading 1-3 are considered most important for user engagement and SEO rankings. Don't forget to make your articles rank for higher click through rates (CTRs).

4. Consider optimized content publishing

Have you completed an article with all essential knowledge nuggets and SEO elements? It's the right time to publish it. Many people focus on writing catchy content but make critical mistakes while posting them on the website. For this reason, it is imperative to consider optimized publishing to avoid mistakes.

While publishing the website's content, you should consider the URL of the page, meta title, description, and other vital information to rank in the search engines. Remember, little steps make a significant difference!

Are You Ready to Produce Great Content?

A few people think that one has to write unique website content and follow them without any effort. It is not true because you have to consider Google policies and crawling methods for getting visibility in the search engines.

Hopefully, you have got an idea of how things work when it comes to creating unique content. In case you feel any difficulty and don't want to take the risk of your business credibility, consult with our SEO experts for trusted results. It is necessary to have a professional at your back for supporting you through the tunnel of SEO while leading you towards 100% working techniques for long-lasting success!