How Does Google Determine your Website SEO Rankings?
16 May 2016

“Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility.” (Peter Drucker)

People often question me that how is SEO ranking determined by Google. A number of efforts and related blogs have been posted to explain the process of determination of SEO ranks for the visitor and client convenience and better understanding.

Also, this question has also been asked to Google by more than a million visitors.


Working best

To understand that you’re business and website is lagging behind, you just need to write the related keyword and see whether your company is ranked on the first page or not, if not, then definitely there are many things that you’re neglecting.


Strongest SEO factors

Here is a list of factors over which the SEO rankings are completely dependent over;


1. Backlinks

Simply, the scenario behind backlinks is the better and unique the website domains backlinked to your website, the higher you’re chances are to appear on the first page. Make sure, it is better that many websites link to your website rather than one website (with so many different links) backlinked to your website. And apparently, these links should not be counterfeit as they must be from some relevant source and not from a link center providing numerous links.


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2. Content

Content is the real king of all times. But make sure the content should be of real quality and should be of use to the customer as it should contain essential information which is required by the customer and not that information which on one hand deflects the customer from its requirement while on the other hand let the user contemplate badly.


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3. Site speed

Website speed is a very much dependable factor as this factor determines whether the user will stay on your website or not. This is because, according to a research a visitor only spends 5 seconds on a website and if the website is not much responsive the visitor leaves the website and decides of never turning back to the website. Therefore, it is best to improve the site speed to let the visitors stay on your website for long.

“Money is a scoreboard where you can rank how you're doing against other people.” (Mark Cuban)

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