Top 5 Website Content Audit Tools for Improved SEO
19 Aug 2020

People visit a website to retrieve information. In this way, content is the king because websites are designed to provide searched information to the users. Even the search engines give the highest rankings to the website with unique content.

However, it is not enough to create content. But you must write to inform and engage the users over the internet. And if you already have a website with plenty of information published, you surely need to perform the content audit for optimizing your website.

Is this something new but quite informative? No doubt, the article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the importance along with the top five tools to perform a content audit for search engine optimization. So, keep reading!

Why is a Content Audit Useful for Website SEO?

Content is what people look for – why not optimize it to meet the users’ search requirements? In simple words, the chief objective of performing an audit of the content is to create a list of published information on the website. It helps the website owners to weigh the content based on website analysis. The content list is utilized to optimize the website for search engines to get higher rankings.

There are many reasons to conduct an audit on the website content. For example, the audit data is used to reorganize the website content. It enables the website owners to get an optimized version of the website with proper information navigation. Further, the audit data is used to update existing information SEO-friendly.

All this has a positive impact on the rankings of a website in search engines. However, you cannot just do an audit randomly and make changes in the content without having essential skills. Due to this, website owners rely on the top SEO experts in Dubai to get the audit and updates done wisely. The primary reason for hiring professionals is to reduce the risks of optimized listings in search engines after content modifications.

Besides this, it is imperative to have a look at the content published on your website as it represents your branding persona. So, you should pay greater attention to analyze the website content.

Top 5 Content Audit Tools to Improve Your Website SEO

Regardless of the type of content used on a website, it is essential to perform an audit at regular intervals for ensuring information quality. It considerably helps in keeping the content relevant for producing the desired results in Google.

Additionally, when you create an inventory of content, you are in a better position to identify the information gaps and then update it accordingly. Let’s consider a list of audit tools for content to help you get some good ideas of how it works:


It is a free audit tool that enables users to get website analysis reports instantly. So, you can use Seoptimer to get an idea of all critical areas of website improvement. It not only identifies the errors but also provide easy to understand recommendations for content improvement. Consequently, webmasters can improve the quality of content for higher website rankings in search engines.

2. Screaming Frog

It is a desktop application that provides a detailed analysis of websites using a few easy steps. You can use Screaming Frog to get a clear picture of website crawling performance in Google. Due to this, a few people consider the tools as an algorithmic analysis of a website, rather than the content audit tool. However, the critical factor is that you can get SEO tips based on your website status for improved search engine rankings.

3. Marketing Grader

It is introduced by the HubSpot as an integrated web-based application to provide comprehensive website analysis. Marketing Grader is a comprehensive application because it evaluates the web pages in detail, along with blog analysis, to get the overall status of the website. Besides this, it also analyzes the social media pages linked to the website to improve recommendations regarding content improvement.

4. Mysiteauditor

It is one of the essential tools for professional webmasters because of many reasons. It is handy to use and produce comprehensive reports. The tool is used to complement the crawling and ranking algorithm used by Google, which makes Mysiteauditor more powerful for content analysis. You can use it to analyze targeted keywords in the specific web pages and then download the report in PDF format for future use.

5. SEO Site Checkup

You will surely be surprised to know that the SEO site checkup tool analyzes the website in 45 diverse lookups within the six main categories. These include mobile usability, semantic web analysis, common SEO issues, social media review, web security and server status. The website is analyzed to highlight critical issues. The tool ensures HTML sitemaps instead of XML sitemaps, which make less preferred by the webmasters.

Keynote: Perform Website Content Audit for SEO

Cutting a long story short, websites are designed to ensure improved user experience. However, a website without optimized content cannot serve the interests of either the owner, not the users. So, it is imperative to perform a content audit for improved readability.

In a case that you face any difficulty in using audit tools for your website, get assistance from our best SEO company to get the audit done professionally. It will surely help you get a better idea of improving content systematically. Even you can ask the SEO experts to make content improvements based on the audit after getting comprehensive services. The choice is yours!

Lastly, content audit tools enable the website owners to get an x-ray of the webpages' overall performance depending on the content and other factors. Don’t forget to take the audit reports seriously as it is all about your website's health and survival in the search engines!