Why You NEED a Website?
12 Sep 2014

Why Do You NEED a Website?

“Money isn't money anymore. Time doesn't feel like time anymore. Your sense of community, it's evaporated, too, or it's turned into something you visit at 2 A.M. on a website.” (Douglas Coupland)

The world is now no more a place to explore as it was before the invention of the internet, according to explorers. The world seems to the explorer an already explored locale because of its transformation into a global niche. The internet has linked people into a tangled social web, where people can communicate each other segregated by oceans and continents.

Even according to one research made in space, was that there could be life on Mars.

This internet, in the form of websites, has closely related people of different races. One of the consequences of this transformation has opened floodgates to interracial marriages, which prior to this era, were considered prodigious sins.

Potential customers

As mentioned in my many previous blogs regarding marketing and social media is that almost every other person next door is a frequent user of the internet. Evidently, Mark Zuckerberg, within no time, is now among the opulent individuals.

If you need to sell your product or strategies, creating a website is the foremost step to allow the customers to grab immediate updates about your services. Even some companies nowadays have made websites prior to the launch of the company, and they have been advertising the launch of their company on social media, replicating the ideas of movie trailers. Due to this, the revenue is much more positive than expected.

“All they need to do is to set up some website somewhere selling some bogus product at twenty percent of the normal market prices, and people are going to be tricked into providing their credit card numbers.” (Kevin Mitnick)


Advantage for small business

Since the lack of immense funds from trusted sources, a company has to keep its budget pretty low. As for a novice business, creating a business website and asking your acquaintances to share and promote it on social media will help you generate a traffic you wouldn’t grasp without digital aid. Among many visitors, some might be gratified by your potential and transform into reliable customers. These customers otherwise wouldn’t be a part of your brand if you wouldn’t have gone online; rather, your competitors would have grabbed your flesh.



Despite the cascade of fads, accepted and insanely obsessed by the population, one is creating a website too. Genuinely, in addition to being a fad, designing a website is really important for any company, both broad and small spectrum. Now you might wonder why? This is because most people, nowadays, before going to major stores, hit the website and inquire about the description of the products that they desire. Having an existence on the internet will allow potential seekers to do business with them and to make purchases with you.

“Social media is the key to promoting the editorial posts on my website.” (Lauren Conrad)


Cows sold on the internet

To justify my answer, I need to share with you something which a lot of you might find peculiar or humorous and might consider that the writer has gone nuts, but it’s a fact. Muslims every year slaughter cows, buffaloes, and goats as a religious custom. Cows were sold online! Can you believe that? I even didn’t believe that, but I witnessed it personally. The details about the cow were supplementary with the picture and price of the cow. The additional bargaining chat was concluded during the purchase.

This method gained immense success and proved to be better in many ways than the conventional method. And it provided men with the perfect animal according to their budget and choice while reposing at their homes.

Don’t underestimate or overthink that your product cannot be sold online; these days, it’s a myth because, seriously, everything can be purchased online.


Professional web look

The explanation of the stipulation of a website is now pretty much elucidated. Now, what should you do to design a website? I am pretty much interrogated about this question frequently. The initial step for creating a website is giving it that look. You can design a website by yourself, learn web design and development courses, or you can hire a professional web design company. It is of utmost significance to have a website, yet it is even more important to give it ‘that look’ or ‘the professional look.’ The first impression is the last impression, indeed. You need to attract your customers at the very first glimpse; if the visitors are not impressed in any way, they won’t be motivated to make a purchase.

You need to have an existence on the web in this digital world if you want to be stable in the world of business.

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