What is a Google AdWords Campaign?
03 March 2015

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What Is An AdWords Campaign?

The term “AdWordsCampaign” refers to a campaign created within an AdWords account. The campaign usually includes several ad groups stacked together and each ad groups is required to cater to a different user depending on the query that the user places in the search engine. For example, the groupings may be done dependingupon the user location, the type of product and the segmentation of the device


How an AdWords Campaign is structured?

In order to properly create an AdWords Campaign you need to ensure that your product is being marketed to the right type of users. It is essential to ensure that the target audience isn’t viewing improper ads. Also, proper structuring of the AdWords Campaign wouldallow you to pay only for the keywords that you would need hence saving you from shedding money on less beneficial keywords.


AdWords Campaign Requires Constant Revision

An AdWords campaign has a lot in common with SEO and PPC in terms that this is also a continuous field. There is constant room for improvement and maintenance of the campaign if you want it to yield good results.


How to get a good Quality Score?

In order to reap the most benefits out of the AdWords Campaign you need to create Ad Groups. Ad groups that perform well would gain a good quality score and it must be borne in mind that the Search Engines do check whether your ads are getting clicks and are in tune with the wants and needs of the customer.


Implement different tools to structure your campaign

There are several tools available out there which allow you to structure your campaign in a better way and thereby check how your ads are performing.

There are AdWords Performance Graders that evaluate your AdWords campaign based on quality score, account activity and clickthroughs. With these you can assess your score with the competitor and also save money on less valuable keywords.

Certain AdWords campaign managing softwares are available which allow you to check what keywords your site customers are putting in. Sometimes there are long-tailed keywords which are generally ignored by Website authors. The software helps in checking those long-tailed keywords. Long-tailed keywords are generally better to use since the results are usually perfect and the keyword bid is relatively low.


An AdWords Campaign is a definite necessity if you want to increase the outreach of your website and in order to do so it is always beneficial to use a performance grader and a campaign manager.

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