Why Creating a Strong Company Brand Identity is Important
06 Apr 2016

“New streets should be Twitter friendly and be named with hashtags up front. I’d build a house on #‎LoversLane.” (Jarod Kintz)

SEO nowadays is considered as a primary requisite for any marketing schemes or website systems as this system maintains the overall potential rating of any business in a long term process. So far, nothing was more important than SEO but with the existing pace with which the world seems to grow, one thing seems to be more profound and more reliable than any other thing (and it is definitely not SEO) and is your branding. Your brand and its branding come before anything.



When wandering about a brand, brand is not just a design representing a particular commodity; it is a lot more than alogo. A brand determines the qualities of the subjected product in addition to it defines and outlines and product’s description in all one go as we know that Apple produces really smart and elegant products since the time it came into being and people began to know it as ‘Apple’.


Marketing expedition

Branding should be consistent as without its consistency things and expeditions over which lavish expenses are utilized might change its route from successive path to a failure path. Branding actually yells out to marketing sources about the demands of the customers and what they are looking for. Contrary, marketing sources cannot inform branding.

Not only this branding is also essential as it the heart of the marketing campaigns hence it should always be the first initiative if your strategy draft than SEO or any other element.


Define your brand

Here are some basics that will help you in the building of your brand and understanding the considerations required for a brand;

·         Know your qualities

Explain others why your brand is different from other brands of similar subjective. Know your qualities and then briefly explain it to others.


·         Targeted audience

Understand your targeted audience as your targeted audience will be grouping a relatively fine and restricted age group since not all the people belonging to various age groups have similar interests. Each age group and generations have tremendous variable interests and business relationships.


“You gotta run more than your mouth to escape the treadmill of mediocrity. A true hustler jogs during the day, and sleepwalks at night.” (Jarod Kintz)

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