Your SEO services marketing campaign checklist
12 Jun 2016

"The future of SEO is here: understanding and marketing to specific and defined audiences through search engines." (Adam Audette)

SEO checklist is an essential list to rectify you in terms of search engine’s rankings. This checklist enables you to determine which significant factor your have escaped or which factor has been overdone.

The SEO checklist makes sure that the search engine’s love you in each and every manner i.e. your website is not just SEO friendly but is also able to entice and attract new customers.



The SEO checklist below contains the follow essential factors that a website should have otherwise there is no guarantee that the search engines will take notice of the website;


1.       Google My Business Account

The website or the owner of the website should have a Google My Business Account. This is to ensure that your directions of location, your contact details such as your phone number, email address etc. appears on the Google researches.

Depending upon the size of your store or business you should be manage your Google My Business Account for in case in your business only consists of a single retail store then only one Google My Business Account should be created with one address and affiliated number whereas if more than one retail stores are present then also one account should be maintained with the location and affiliated numbers of various local stores. But do not forget to give a unique number for each listing of location or store.


2.       Content strategy

Your website should have a sound content strategy such that each product or service should have a separate page. If your brand is international, then each city should have a separate page depicting information about the availability stock in the various stores within the location. Make sure the content strategy of your website must be very much sound and elaborate for the ease of the visitor.


3.       Local SEO

Once your website content strategy is completely developed, then you should proceed towards local SEO. Local SEO can be implemented using local search tool bar and also highlighting the local customers within the testimonial area of your website, thereby letting Google know that your local toolbar has a very active side as well.

"Social networks are a terrific window into human behavior; you can judge what a niche responds to and market to it more effectively by watching for trends and interacting with influential people in the network. (Debra Mastaler)

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