12 Clever Gadgets Every College Student Should Have
08 August 2019

“Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets.” (Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Every year each one of us comes up with some innovative or some unfinished resolutions of the past with the oath and hope that during the new year these unfinished resolutions would somehow be finished. Perhaps, a few of us with tremendous zeal up to some extent, accomplish these unaccomplished goals. And a new year brings new hope, a new chance and a new approach.

A new year is the best platform to take the best advantages from those opportunities at some point we thought of them as incompatible or rather illegible. For all those university or colleg or high school students this article is for you guys out there revealing a number of useful gadgets that every student MUST have in order to propagate in the war of contention and equip yourselves with these gadgets to take the most of the golden opportunity.


Smart gadgets for students


Here are the 12 gadgets that every student should have:


1. Evernote Moleskine smart notebook

Evernote Moleskine smart notebook is capable of taking notes from pen and ultimately stores it in the digitalized form, one of the many perks of the Evernote app.


2. OtterBox phone charging case

This charging case is not the usual charging bot; it encounters all the obstacles that your phone faces and in the long run provides accessible power and life to your phone making it more enchanting for your hectic routine.


3. Bluetooth coffee maker

Coffee is the best caffeine and last moment fire up alarm. It boosts stamina and eradicates all the weariness concerning study or any other academic project. By downloading the app WeMo, you can easily brew wherever you are thus conserving your time and lets you concentrate more in a dedicated manner.


4. Heated travel mug

The heated travel mug lets you keep your caffeine warm and enjoy the perks of an agile mind with an energetic spirit.


5. Charging backpack

Charging backpack allows you to enjoy the wireless charging along with organized sections for storing and managing your mismanaged studying commodities.


6. Kindle Voyage

Long gone are the days when miniature kids used to carry heavyweights from their home to the education center. Internet does it all. You can easily surf the library on the internet. Now read and learn digitally!


7. Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex allows your disoriented life to come to a straight and oriented path using an advanced alarm clock which alarms silently and nudges you from time to time to actively transmute from one activity to another silently and punctually.


8. External hard drive

Mishaps happen vigorously, and there is no guarantee and backup plan until today. An external hard drive is your real backup plan for everything from photos, notes, documents to videos, personal diaries and contacts. Everything you can save in this apparently miniature yet gigabyte storage drive.


9. Nimbus smart dashboard

Customization is all you need. The virtual yet smart nimbus dashboard is more or like an alarm clock, escorts you when the right time is. You can also set your most prior events consecutively in the respective four dials smart dashboard.


10. Portable ice maker

Everything good comes in a small package, isn’t it? The portable ice maker efficaciously makes 26 pounds of ice per day. Your all whims of suddenly chilled beverages will be served in no time baby.


11. Pivot Power surge protector

A sophisticated yet multi-socket output gives an advantage over any other three plug-in sockets because it comprises of 6 plug-ins and 5 feet extensions, thereby letting you play with several tech gadgets at the pace of your side table.


12. Smartphone

The profound yet tumultuous gizmo, serving all your needs within a 6-inch hand-held device using tremendous apps for everybody. A student can make the most of his smartphone using various knowledgeable apps that bolster a student life smartly.

Life is getting fancier day by day with the evolution of these tech gizmos that drives the public fanatic with their tumultuous options and choices. Every coin has two sides, so it is up to you whether you be a rule setter or a rule breaker.

“Gadgets can surely help in making the world a better place, but they cannot contribute in building a home a better place.”


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