What makes smartphones addicted?
03 Sep 2014

What makes smartphones addicted?

“So that's the telephone? They ring, and you run.”  (Edgar Degas)

Every now and then, people have been tapping on the screens of their phones and have been hooked up with their phones into an untangling knot. Smartphones have been dear to everyone out there due to the urge that has developed longingly among us, of Social Media and onset connection.

Life without smartphones has now become impossible. For instance I’ll share you one of the incidents that happened with me long time ago when there was not much escalation of smartphones rather only normal mobile phones were of extreme importance (at least in my case). Purposely, my uncle hid my phone who actually pretended that my phone was misplaced. I couldn’t sleep the very night due to the turmoil of anxiety progressing within me. The extent of my freakiness and addiction provoked me to a melancholic mode eventually. After a complete weekend, truly miserable, I got my phone back and my uncle laughed over the height of freakiness I was caught in. The relief on my face brightened my eyes and it felt as if my life has been allotted back to me after thorough torture. The effect of this prank was so intensive that now every often before leaving from somewhere I do check my phone to prevent myself from severe agitation.

“The difference between technology and slavery is that slaves are fully aware that they are not free.” (Nassim Nicholas Taleb)


Clause and Cause

Nomophobia, a term recently employed to the phobia of no mobile phones. The signs and symptoms of this freak begin when certainly or uncertainly a demarcation is drawn between the user and his phone. Symptoms include confusion, agitation and furious attitude with ultimate freakiness of the fact of intense distortion from the social world.

Have you ever given consideration to this regard as to why are we suffering from this fearsome state of Nomophobia? Well, the answer has been pretty simple if given optimal time. Recurrent treats are always been a source of pleasure. This fact has been implied to the development of smartphones due to which smartphones have become an integral part of our lives desperately. Recurrent notifications have become a source of utter pleasure. Many variable applications and games contribute to this addiction too, offering rewards in the sense of notifications from the social world and gaming zone respectively. This delight drives are minds and pushes us to check our phones instantaneously.

“Life without a phone is riskier, lonelier and more vivid.”  (Eloisa James)



IT has undoubtedly been the major factor of reducing distances between the continents. And fairly to a greater extent, we all have contributed to this contribution of IT by favoring and appreciating its generosity in every manner. But the worst ever consequence of IT due to which I condemn IT is the very fact that all of us due to the sustained tapping on our phones have been segregated emotionally from our inbound families. Our family members are not the first ones to know our frequent updates but our Facebook friends are the initial receivers of the updates who seemed pretty much mundane from the frequent updates.

To some extent, all of us should need to boycott the use of phones not completely but at least fairly so that the bonds of kinship can be resumed. If this bond is not maintained and saved from the atrocities of freaking addiction, sooner or later our family bonds will degenerate. Consequently, funerals and wedding ceremonies will be of mundane value to our first family generations which is an emblem of immoral disgrace.

“I believe the day Einstein feared the most is when people circulate pictures of dead bodies of relatives on WhatsApp and get Thumbs Down and Crying smileys as response.” (Ketan Waghmare)

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