Online Marketing Lessons Learnt from the ALS Ice bucket Challenge
06 Sep 2014

The fad of ALS Ice bucket Challenge

“A cheerful heart is a good medicine.”

Personally, I came to know about this fad when I googled about my favorite TV show, The Vampire Diaries. What I came across was, the videos of Kat Graham and Nina Dobrev (cast of the vampire diaries) spilling ice cool water over themselves, making squeaky noises as the water spills on their bodies and challenging others for volunteering in this social donation phenomenon.

After that, many videos of the celebrities, bloggers, merchandisers, athletes etc. were witnessed by me on Instagram. From a sweeper to a global socialist, businessmen to security guards, teens to grandparents, everyone seem to follow this insane fad not necessarily in terms of donating but indeed wasting and spilling water and enjoying the chills of ice cooled water in the hot summers. Well I am looking forward to that too because that is really beguiling.


The ALS challenge

ALS stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The main objective of this challenge is to make research about the disease in addition to spend the donation over the treatment of affectees of the disease. This challenge incorporates spilling a bucket of ice chilled water so as to realize the sufferings of the affectees.


Viral outbreak

This ALS bucket challenge initiated from July-August 2014 and now it has spread virally like some endemic syndrome spreads from one continental reef to another. The cause for donation is indeed a noble cause but this noble cause when becomes voguish appears to be more enthralling. Social Media has played a vigorous role in the proliferation of this viral outbreak.


Social Media Marketing

Let the wisdom speak. The immediate viral outbreak of the challenge is an opportunity for marketers to learn the strategies implemented before this cause. The knowledge of strategies once understood, will evidently prove to be of utmost importance.

Why ALS bucket challenge gained colossal appreciation and results exceeded the expectations? The reason is very amiable.  ALS bucket challenge was presentable and appealing. It was put forth in such a way that it made people laugh. From the Academy Awards to iifa Awards, the presentations and hosting are made sarcastically humorous because people are too busy to smile therefore people chase to smile in their free time.

When I was in university, giving my very first presentation, I tried to be jolly but then when I found out the scores and remarks, they were pretty much insulting. LOL. MY teacher told me that I needed to be practically serious and humor is not always appreciated. None the less, I didn’t listen to her.

Another strategy that we came to learn from the bucket challenge was the provision of a minimal time. The provision of the minimal time enables the proliferation and the completion of the task within the allotted time. Perk of minimal time is the augmentation of the pace of proliferation.


What we can learn about ALS challenge are few small guidelines. The implementation of these guidelines will bolster you in the achievement of popularity and success in your sect of profession. The ALS challenge is a noble cause for helping others to turn over new leaf, presented in an appealing vogue via the aid of Social media marketing due to which its outbreak was viral.

“Today the chance is new, the slate is clean and the possibilities are endless.” So go for it!

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