Worst Consequences Of Cyber Attacks
10 Aug 2019

“In a nutshell, we are shocked by cybercrime but also expect to be shocked by it because we expect it to be there, but - confusingly - we appear to be shocked if we are not shocked (if we don't find it)!”

(David S. Wall)

Often your computer gets slower and browsing takes pretty long and you end up shutting your PC down agitatedly. Or sometimes, you might encounter frequent shockwaves on your PC screen and the only task to resume back to the desktop screen is restarting your computer. All these repetitive occurrence and many more symptoms declare the infection of your computer via some electronic syndrome or more appropriately your computer has been attacked by invaders. These attacks are termed as 'Cyber attacks'.


Consequences of cyber attacks


Cyber attacks, simultaneously have been inflating with the hype of IT round the globe. Invaders and hackers have been devising new methods to snatch the information of the user or of whole organizations to affect violently an individual or a population.

“Okay. Let the cybercrime law be implemented. Question: y’all got jail space for 50 million or 9gag users in the PH?”


Cyberwarfare and Cyberterrorism

You might wonder as to why the writer has specifically used such headings that declare her as an English dictionary apprentice. Well I am not swanking or showing off my English skills! These two have an important role in the cyber arena. "Cyberwarfare" is a collection of cyber campaigns, with a variety of techniques, used both for offence and defense of cyber information.

Whereas, "Cyberterrorism" encompasses tools and instruments used in the destruction of the entire infrastructure of a particular nation. Cyberterrorism has more vigorous and broader excruciating effects for the scheme of computers in the cyberspace.



Every door has a lock and every lock has a key. However, with the mammoth exposures to computers and cyber attacks it is not possible to have no counterattack for this muddle.



Teenagers and adults have been violent lately. With the rise of IT and other social media fad, dating and illegitimate relationships have been increasing simultaneously. In order to avenge their exes, the most primal and immediate response to breakups is ‘hacking of the Facebook account of your ex’. I guess this ranks on the top on the ‘to do list after breakup’, next being kicking your ex (biased being a girl).


Broader scale

Cyberterrorism have been a menace to the computer world. Destruction of whole of the generations of entire infrastructure of a particular nation has been achieved via this crime.



So far many infrastructures have been invaded due to which many lives have been wasted. 

1. Attack on water and sewerage systems can be hacked and mismanaged thereby intentionally creating a fake tsunami and endangering the lives of the naïve population.

2. Attack on transportation infrastructure can impede the economy by departing the respective orders and mismanaging the entire telecommunication systems.

3. Attack on fire systems can engage a lot of problems. Generating perpetual fire can be the reason of loss of thousands of lives instantaneously.

4. Attack on nuclear systems can be even more dangerous. Mugging of significant atomic codes and information could be seriously disastrous on national and global level.

It is extremely important for agencies to hire potential workers that are both loyal and diligent towards their work. Revealing of any information of any sort could be a reason of huge menace for the population. And even youngsters should have firm security of their accounts in order to prevent any sort of hacking attacks and cyber attacks in the future. Lately, personal information has proved to be the number one reason of blackmailing and procurement of money which ultimately increases the social crime.

“Stripped of ethical rationalizations and philosophical pretensions, a crime is anything that a group in power chooses to prohibit.” (Freda Adler)

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