Building A Brand Through Appealing Web Design Solutions
10 Jul 2019

What is a brand?

A brand can be defined as a symbol. Symbols usually are designs that represent something else. A brand however is intended to comprise all the critical experiences, associations and characteristics in to most precise and abstract forms.

This blend can be induced with the help of consistent phrases, sounds, logos and imagery and this is what people may come in contact with.

Brands are crucial because they help businesses in winning the clientele and retaining them for lasting times.

Take an example of SpiralClick Web Technologies; a rising name in the field of web services, their experts seems to have read the script well while operating in one of the leading markets of the world, i.e. UAE.

They have unleashed the strong relation between web designing and building a brand. They believe that branding can be a complex and tricky process that takes place in almost all types of media, i.e. be it packaging a product, magazine adverts, TV commercial, decorating a store and designing a logotype or website.


Building a Brand through Appealing Web Design Solutions

Branding matters whether you are planning website that might be more of a blog or even if it is going to be a multi-million dollar business brand. Let’s have a look at some of the associated elements that can make or break the future success of a brand:


Colours speak a thousand languages and words. Branding heavily relies on good colour palette. This should not be treated as aesthetics – emotions are stimulated and subconscious associations are carried to different characteristics and things.

Experts believe that one should study the effects associated with colours that they are about to finalize for their brand. Different cultures may look at certain colours differently and may associate them with things based on their beliefs.

For example, SpiralClick uses blue for its brand; the colour blue symbolizes stability and depth. It signifies wisdom, loyalty, trust, faith, truth, intelligence and confidence. Similarly, each colour would have its own impact and may be perceived by the viewers according to their cultural values and beliefs.


Adding a character to you brand will make things easy for all. Infusing a brand with a personality touch will enable you to explain what it actually stands for.

The secret to success therefore is to integrate your brand with a character in such a way that it relates to something, this will enable the target audience to associate themselves with your brand.


This is yet another crucial factor that can be considered while building a brand. You can dominate the user experience of people with the help of emotions when they visit your website.

While working on your website and crafting the aesthetics, the focus should not be only be on latest trends in the domain of web designing. You must equally focus on factors like deciding on relevant and appealing ideas and emotions that you intend your brand to broadcast.


To ensure that you own a successful brand, you will need to make it a memorable one. And how do we make people remember things? We repeat them.

A web design backed with consistency throughout will capitalize on the selections made by you earlier about opting for the relevant persona for brand and infusing right emotions. Be it typography, colour scheme, visuals or any other content, you will need to ensure consistency in order to project a uniform image.


You can reuse more out of your content with the help of consistent visuals no matter if they are images or style sheets. This would mean that your website will load faster; most user end browser doesn’t need to download all the content because most of the old CSS and images are stored in their caches already.


Upper left area is the accepted norm for a logo to be displayed on a website. People look at that area mainly to see what website they are on. A best practice would be to link the logo to the home page of your website. Positioning it however in only one element, don’t forget about the size. It should be big enough to catch the attention of the visitors soon as they land on your website.


Whenever a visitor will land on your website, he/she will take few seconds to settle down. There will be some questions on their mind like, is it the right website? Is it interesting? What are the products and services being offered on the website? OR what is the website about?

You will need to answer these questions with the help of a clear and concise value proposition by placing it in one of the prime locations for the visitors to spot it immediately.

You value proposition shall be in the form of a brief statement and should be located in a carefully considered prime location as stated earlier.


You can reinforce the character of your brand with the help of using appropriate language on your website. A casual, friendly and down to earth brand with a fairly tech savvy and young audience may require informal and fun tone and may prove to be the right choice.

Similarly, working on a website that is more focus on financial sector would require more formal language usage. You will need to understand, it is not just about what you say it’s about how you actually say it. Choosing a tone of voice that is in line with the nature, character and audience of your brand will be the right approach.


Once you have taken care of all the aforementioned elements will help you a great deal, but there is one more important element that cannot be overlooked, i.e. uniqueness.

If your website looks the same like others in the competition, remembering it won’t be easy for the visitors. A fair bit of hard work and extra efforts would be required by you to ensure that you provide users with a website that stand out from your rivals; this will make it memorable for the visitors. Experts believe that one in the contemporary markets must not fall for ordinary approaches in the domain of web design solutions in Dubai.


Crafting and building a strong brand is crucial, whether you are run a huge corporation or a small firm. It may even be a personal domain or a blog but the same approach applies even there. Branding enables the audience to distinguish between competitions plus quickly judge the excellence of a website.

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