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26 Apr 2016

“Pay attention to what users do, not what they say.” (Jakob Nielsen)

Now the web design companies have taken measures for revamping and boosting user experience simply by simplifying web design and its attributes. The simplified version of the web design and the revamped form of user experience is explained by English National Opera, as their website displays much novelty.


English National Opera

For easing the visitors’ efforts, English National Opera also known as ENO has laid out a new website featuring some enthralling and sizzling attributes that contribute much towards the improvement of user experience and customer service. Their new website exhibits the following attributes;


1.       Navigation

The newer website has much simplified navigation as compared to the former website’s navigation. In the former website, the website’s visitor has to make lesser clicks however to finding the appropriate location was slight easier said than done but the latter version had comparably more clicks to reach the location or destined page but it is lot more easier and easily controllable.


2.       Sticky buttons

In my previously written articles about web design, a couple of times I have been writing about sticky buttons as their popularity is mounting with their essential use and as an uprising trend in web designing and development. The ENO’s newly made website has sticky book button on their every page thus directly including the pilot key feature on every single page, contributing towards simplifying the user experience.


3.       The quick buy button

Not only the book button is there on every single page but every page is associated with the quick buy button. This quick buy button enables those sleepy head visitors which are averse of further surfing the website and simply want to conclude their research by buying the product.

The quick buy button has all the category of products being offered by the company.



Those websites which are eager to get higher ranks in search engines and better yet persistent and prolonged customers should ponder upon improving their user experience (UX). The better and the more beguiling the format of website is enabling the users to endeavor less will definitely favor your website in terms of ranking and reliable customers.

“It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” (Steve Jobs)

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