SEO balancing along with User Experience
10 October 2015

“You cannot NOT have a user experience.” (Lou Carbone)

In the past, web designers and web developers have never given ultimate significance to the customers in fact they have completed overlooked this path of guidance. Instead they have completely relied upon stuffing the web pages with too many keywords to let the search engines catch the required keywords within their immersive lengthy blog posts.


User Experience

Long gone are the days when Google worked best with SEO only strategies and only SEO strategies were working fine priorly. As time passed, only SEO strategy degenerated and currently in order to acquire the best results strategies with a concoction of both user experience and SEO should be made use of.


Mobile function

Earlier this year, it was announced by Google that websites working spontaneously and effortlessly on mobile would be given higher ranks in the search rankings comparatively to those websites which does not respond properly on mobile devices. However, designing websites which only works fine on mobile screens and not on desktop screens is a mere devastating idea despite of the fact that in countries including United States of America more than half of the searches are conducted via mobile platforms but according to the current situation, the entire world is under examination.


Responsive Design

Responsive design is so far the best method for the interaction of both SEO and user experience (UX) others being disintegrated URLs and dynamic cascade servings. Responsive design is most favorable since the website constructed with it remains identical and no noticeable change is acclaimed, keeping the website same but changing the size of the website according to the width of the screen from which it has been operated is the exact working of responsive design.

Disintegrated URL’s could not gain much approval since they disintegrate the website into factions of websites thereby mitigating the chances of appearing the individual solitary website in the search results on the first page.



Long scrolling has been in the trends for over a year and it is high time to indulge the same trend with similar conditions. The insight has changed so far. Since to Google the content of log scrolling remains under the curtains, despite the users can see the content present on the long scrolling page. Hence, it is recommended by Google to use pagination along with infinite scrolling both for the ease of individuals and that of search engines.

“People’s behavior makes sense if you think about it in terms of their goals, needs, and motives.” (Thomas Man)

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