The smart reasons why to work with web design companies in Dubai instead of freelancers
04 April 2016

"A company that builds a loyal social following has a built-in army to promote their content, day in and day out. That content will get shared, get links, send social signals…all of which can't be a bad thing." (Wil Reynolds)

Design, a thing which has drastically became important out of nowhere but unfortunately the days and the frequency of freelance web developers and web designers mitigating?

One of the blogger comments over the current situation of freelance web developers is that the no freelance web designer is earning the same bread as he was few years back and no one predicts as to why the web developing industry has changed to such an extent dramatically.


Design and its importance

In the world of today, design has become too important instantaneously. However, the companies have identified this importance due to which they just have started pushing their businesses in the struggle of making a completely delightful website giving utmost user experience to the visitor which is definitely primary requisite.


Lack of multiple skills

One of the greatest drawbacks of the freelance designers is that they lack specific bundle of skills that most of the high end companies look for. High end companies hiring designers do not only demand good design but demand their designer to be a all rounder in quite a few capabilities functioning design, development and prototypes.



A number of specialized softwares such as bootstrap etc. have been developed which not only provide multitude of templates over which wide range of websites can be developed but provide these templates in much reasonable rates thus mitigating the demands for the freelance web developers.


War of contention

Due to the raging war of contention of agencies, companies look for those designers that can provide them with such a website which can be a game changed in terms of turning their businesses over a new leaf thereby generating revenue suddenly out of nowhere.



Without sound experience and sound bundle of skills no company will hire you anytime. The frequency of freelance web designers is also mitigating as they also are not striving to improve themselevs for better. An education, skills and experience gap is therefore measured.

"If search is amazing for knowing a person's intent, social media is amazing for finding out what's important to people, and what's important to people they're connected to." (Adam Audette)

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