Effects of the latest Google penguin algorithm update
01 January 2015

“There's been so much fear pushed around the web about reciprocal link exchanges and link trading programs that the message has been muddled up into the completely nonsensical "never link to someone who links to you." To my mind, that's a touch of lunacy.” (Rand Fishkin)

Penguin update initially was launched in April, 2012 so as to focus upon discarding those websites that have been unofficially gained elevated ranks in the search engines by counterfeit and unauthorized means. This penguin update was supposed to catch all those unofficial sites ranking superior to those who are comparatively legitimate and owns superficially the entire authority to attain lofty ranks in the search engines.


Post effects

A number of drastic effects were vigilant after penguin update was legally decreed.

1.       Elevated Negative SEO:

Somehow, the cause for which this attribute came into existence, reciprocate the lot of negative SEO. Due to which, the bulk of negative SEO augmented devastatingly and since then a number of SEO officials utilized those strategies that in the long run criticized the work of the competitors.

2.       Branding:

Now the CEOs of those companies affiliated with the tasks of branding should necessarily cherish their wives or girlfriends by presenting them diamonds. With the legitimate authorization of penguin update, the need for branding has become mandatory, it has become more of an urge. In order to safeguard your future and that of your website, try building strong brand links. By means of thriving for brand links, the value of trust, loyalty and assurance is endorsed.

3.       Less hits:

So far, Google released its fairly softer update of penguin, revealing that this new update will have less major issues. And consequently, this have so far seemed to be really genuine. This became evident when Google was struck with elevated increase in organic traffic.


How to recover if you have hit from penguin?

It is not a big deal if your site has been caught by penguin and has been penalized due to be deemed in some of spammy activities. It is easier to recover from penguins’ hit. A penalty from the penguin would actually cause complete eradication of your brands appearing in the SERPs. The complete eradication may in turn, result in loss of 90% or more of your organic traffic due to which your revenue goes from up high the sky to the sea level.

But this misery can be recovered if took sound steps. The initial step comprises of formulization of audits. This can be done by means of hiring any professional which has primarily performed such actions. The second step involves the removal of links associated with the site that has been grounded and lastly the file for reconsideration should be submitted as many times as it has been rejected.

These steps would gladly help in resuming at least a partial of organic traffic if not compromisingly all.

Google Penguin update has on its quarter done a lot of favor to the SEO  industry, still a lot has to be done. Though, under consideration of an estimation of measurable keywords, negative SEO and spammy websites with unauthorized links can be caught and evidently these websites have seemed to be penalized as well. However, the penalty can be mitigated under strict obligations laid by Google and optimist SEO industry.

“As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.”

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