How to MARKET your company better?
01 Oct 2014

How to MARKET your company better?

“Marketing is a contest for people's attention.” (Seth Godin)

Marketing can generally be explained as a process which encompasses the optimistic promotion and exposure of a product or service for the means of selling that particular service or product.


Marketing strategies & Marketing plans

The phenomenon of marketing is directly proportional to marketing strategies and marketing plan. The implementation of such strategies and plans will result in the achievement of the respective purchases of the service or product.


Marketing strategies

In order to prevent chaos regarding your marketing strategies, the essentials of the development of marketing strategy has been gathered and listed below:

1.       Emphasize on a UNIT

Many marketers have been playing and setting such goals in which all the needs can be fulfilled at a single place, the motto of ‘all needs at one place’ has been implemented at a much inflated rate. What marketers failed to attain is the orderly arrangement and advertisements of such locale. Hence it is necessary to vividly clarify business objective in order to cram your business with customer referral.

2.       Innovative measures

The race of contention seems to cross all the barriers and now every other customer is looking for something unique. Hence, the integration of innovative and unique ideas is a border line step to win this race.

3.       Opening floodgates of assets

Customers have been chasing to get something good. For the proper proclamation of the marked goal, the essentiality of awareness followed by the easy approach to organization is the final asset. It is very vital for an organization to define and then face all the utter response.

“The man who stops advertising to save money is the man who stops the clock to save time.” (Thomas Jefferson)


Compelling experiences

It’s the digital age man! The former formulas of proliferation of awareness along with the construction of effective advertising campaigns have long gone. For the cramming of maximum revenue, companies have to build and then expose compelling experiences. Now, companies need to jump in the pool of cyber space and cell web for the maintenance of their customers.

"Unless your campaign contains a BIG IDEA, it will pass like a ship in the night." (David Ogilvy)


The gambling arena

You cannot win over night via the formulation of awareness, compelling experiences and promotion on the internet, you need to play and jeopardize your strategies many times for the systematic approach of one experiment that is mindboggling from all the angles. The top most brands have not achieved this rank over night but they have been striving since years for getting that throne. Betting, gambling and jeopardizing strategies are the keystone to market your unique product effectively.

“Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.” (Milan Kundera)

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