Link Building & Augmenting Popularity
08 Dec 2014

Link Building & Augmenting Popularity

“The absurd depends as much on man as on the world. For the moment, it is all that links them together.” (Albert Camus)

If you want to understand the main theme of search engines and links that are wildly present nowadays is to comprehend that search engines are more or less spiders that need web for climbing and latching the prey. This web is actually the links that dominate within the various web pages.



Among all the ways of governing a state, country or continent, democracy seems to be most favorable and appreciated. This democracy is seemed to outcast on the web pages since 1990. From that time till today, links are considered as a vote of the optimal user defining his credibility and choice among the rest of the content competitors on the internet. Links allow the search engines to find the web pages affiliated with that particular link and able to discriminate ways in which web pages are associated with one another.


Spam or Not?

Link building is not just a way of letting search engines catch you but it is also an aspect to discriminate banned and spam networks from the trusted ones. For example, trusted sites have links from other trusted websites that strengthen their stability and moralization. However, spam websites do not have much of the bolster from the trusted websites so they are devoid of relative links due to which the search engines are able to identify their pessimism and do not conclude them in the search results for the security of the user.


Global Popularity

Links can define and rate the popularity of a website. For instance, a website which has much trusted source the frequency of links will also be greater. The links will indicate that extensiveness of the network that the website posses. Due to which a counterfeit and rough idea could be casted of the popularity of the website.

Why most of the SEO strategists say that it is of summit value to link with popular link partners? Because the greater and popular the link partners you have, the popular you become.


Link building has immense importance in today’s tech world because of the empowered impacts that it projects on the search ranks concluded by the search engines. Link building is a spring of augmented popularity, differentiation between trusted and spam websites and determination of the user integrity and preference.

“You've got to be very cognizant of the correlation between social media links and business because they don't always correlate as highly as people would like.” (Mark Cuban)

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