Powerful web design case study secrets
05 May 2016

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” (Milton Glaser)

Case studies are certainly very helpful as they help the companies to inform the world how diligently and effectively they have solved any problem. Clients are of definitely vast types. Some of the clients are definitely much curious then others. They are always agitated to have a look on behind the curtain scenes also they are much relaxed when the company tells them there forth plans and working scenarios.


Relevance of case studies

Case studies play a very important for any company as with the help of case studies the company reveals how they have helped their former clients. With this format of help being showed, new clients get attracted and are inclined forward towards the company in a manner that this man has been helped in a much generous way hence I would be helped in a similar manner too.

By enabling the users to read your case studies, you are actually portraying yourself as a day saver in a similar field.



Freelance web designers are not really into this case study things. The big companiesinstead of freelancers are using the broadly due to which they are definitely over an advantage.


Web design case studies

Starting a web design case studies, involves many step, the foremost begins from choosing a subject for the case studies. The subject incorporates that issue that you think most of your clients or associated customers will have. Clients who are affiliated to food industry or any other FMCG will definitely make a good case study.

However, if you are a newbie then you must write your case study about the client over which you are working presently since you are devoid of options.


Writing tips

Now you are done with the subject and client for your case study. Proceed with the writing then. Let you case study involves the reasons which led your customer walk to your company, what was their query and what was your solution to their query. Also, specify what constituents were required for the whole remedy thing. Don’t forget to quantify how productive was your web design (that you crafted for the customer) for the customer’s business.

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” (Jeffrey Zeldman)

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