Steps to achieve blogging success
05 May 2016

“Create a link through which you can market your dream products. Create a blog or a website of your own depending on what you want to be recognized for. Share your experiences through these media.” (Israelmore Ayivor)

SEO has evolved over the passage of time but this evolution has definitely not quit or mitigated the relevance of search engine optimization over the limitless World Wide Web. After all of the blogs that I have been written over the SpiralClick website, now it has become appallingly vivid that SEO trends are only viable when they are being introduced and with the passage of time they become outdated and are petrified.



Content, is definitely one of the most pivotal elements in SEO. And a great content cannot remain buried from Google’s eye for long. A great content is the one which is precise as well as contain all that relevant information that a client is desperately looking for. The content can be in the form of word, text, image or any video clip etc.



Below is a list of tips that will reveal the secret of achieving blogging success;


1.       Write for the customers

No doubt each of the blogger out there is dreaming of watching his blog on the first page of Google. But targeting the search engines for your blog isn’t the right approach. You should be writing for the customers rather than for the search engines as now the strategy of keyword stuffing will not work. Give them the education about the product. You cannot not push the consumers to buy the product you are offering; however with the quality content available you can surely persuade the consumers to become your customers.


2.       Keywords

To go ahead of the competition, using the keyword strategy is so far the best option. Choosing those keywords which are less frequently used, you can definitely target them and get lead in the competition.

Also, link one of your blog post with another blog post so as to conquer the visitor to spend as much time on your website as possible.


3.       Titles

Titles usually decide whether a visitor will click on it or not. Make your titles much picky and catchy for grasping the attention of the visitor. Also, do not forget to use the targeted keyword in the URL and title of your blog post.

“Only on the Internet can a person be lonely and popular at the same time.” (Allison Burnett)

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