Small Business Marketing: The Power of Surprise as a Marketing Tool
17 Oct 2014

Small Business Marketing: The Power of Surprise as a Marketing Tool

“Instead of interrupting, work on attracting.” (Dharmesh Shah)

Every MBA grad or any other honors degree grad has the same repetitive statement as I want a good job, a good partner and a good life. Why do NOT they think of initiating their own business? Students and grads of today are in utter fear of jeopardizing their lifetime or loaned amount in some business. Hence, they prefer easy route for earning which happens to be finding a reliable lifetime job.

Business opportunities are very less in the world but the Jews (as per studies) induce their children and their people for initiating their business rather than working as an employee for someone else. Due to which much of the global brands have their Jewish owners because they have been taught the term empowerment to a fine aspect.  Much inspired by this research just like me? No need to get agitated and baffled here are some tips for the startups of small businesses that can ultimately push you a step closer towards empowerment of today and that of tomorrow.


Marketing tips for startups of small business

1.       Be accessible and easy approachable

The foremost step which all the newbies need to know is that they need to be accessible and approachable. Easy approach and easy access regarding your products and your services will enable the users to find you easily. This adds a plus point because more visitors will visit you if the existing customers are satisfied by your services.


2.       Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing allows you to proliferate the message of your service among the social niche. This will in turn augment the growth of your customers since more of the visitors will transform into reliable customers as a result of which increased RIO will be proclaimed.


3.       Don’t miss out any social event

Social events most of the time are occupied with the lavish Richie rich people of the town. These Richie rich people are a good target if you are able to entice them with your services.  They can render you with donations and can be the featured sponsor that you are looking for.


4.       Giveaways

The instant businesses need to be qualitative and have to set low prices with additional giveaways. This will develop recognition among the public regarding the quality of which you are promising.


The adage of being accessible and approachable has its significant as a marketing tool which must surprise the owner of initial startups. This marketing tool works more effectively if coaxed up with free giveaways and inbound marketing tactics.

“There are no magic wands, no hidden tricks and no secret handshakes that can bring you immediate success but with time, energy and determination you can get there.” (Darren Rowse)

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