Social Media and SEO rankings
04 April 2017

"People will come to your site because you have good compelling content. You need to hit it from all angles: blog posts, articles, graphs, data, infographics, interactive content - even short pictures when you Tweet." (Chris Bennett)

SEO has been a big part of the internet industry and with the help of it many modifications in the pattern of searches have been claimed and witnessed. And up till now, there a number of people out there despite of having sound knowledge of SEO they are unable to sync SEO and social marketing.



Basically the major aim behind SEO social media marketing is to make the content visible to most number of people, gain their appreciation by means of likes, shares and simultaneous tags, thereby overall building sound and stable social backlinks.



In lay man’s terminology, SEO is simply a process by means of which the visibility of the website in the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) is augmented rapidly thus increasing the chances of increased visibility and increased sales by means of attracting customers and visitors directly to the website. The only reason why social content marketing has been so much in talk today is because content is the only objective of attaining sound and stable backlinks. The greater the original content being shared on the social channels, the greater is their frequency and hence the search bots notice this greater frequency of shares thereby rating the particular shared content in the first page of the search engine’s results for certain specific keywords.


Social media

Social Media channels, to a surprise are themselves search engines and many of the web users today are searching social media for making search for a particular set of products and services. And most importantly, social media channels sometimes provide more reasonable and refined results than search engines. The social media channels and SEO is linked together simply for the development of a complete presence and corporate identity.

By means of this integration the search engines and the users can easily search the particular brand without much efforts.

"Content marketing needs to be at the heart of your SEO efforts. It has always been that way, but is even more so now because Google is so much more effective at understanding the context of content and how it is shared, etc." (Chris Bennett)

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